Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kitchen Pass

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I am back to blogger from squarespace.  Hopefully this time I will keep up the blog....

So when you hear kitchen pass, what do you think of?  I think of a wife letting her hubby go out with the boys. I am sure there are limitations, but the hubby can go out and do whatever he wants.  Well the kitchen pass I am referencing is very similar, but I mean a literal KITCHEN that lets you do whatever you the kitchen.

There are SO many times in our lives we use an event as an excuse to eat whatever we want. Perhaps its a pregnancy, or theres an occasion coming up like a family dinner or Christmas, etc.  Its amazing though how one excuse can turn into 10 more. "Well, I AM eating for two" "I already cheated once this week, I will get back on track on Sunday" "I already blew my diet so I will just eat whatever today." Sound familiar?

I am just as guilty as anyone with falling off the wagon.  But the key is to not let excuses consume you.  If you have a bad eating day, nip it in the bud there and do better tomorrow, dont blow it all because of one day. Dont wait for the start of a new week to happen because a lot of damage can happen between now and then.  And hey, you can even stop it before it starts. Just because your nieces cousins sisters boyfriend is having a get together, it doesnt mean you cant bring your own food, you cant make better choices, or hey, you cant skip it all together.  Be the adult.  Whats more important, pigging out with the fam or looking good in a bikini?

Think about these things. Dont give yourself a kitchen pass all the time.  YOU are in control of your life, your body.  You define YOU.

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