Thursday, November 29, 2007

I got my ass kicked by Spin Class

You read that right. Spin class kicked my ass. I went to my first spin class yesterday. One of my bosses led the class for the first 15 mins. That was brutal. Then the instructor came to teach her class. Hers wasn't as bad. I am sure that I wsn't working as hard as I could, but I feel it today anyway. It was brutal. My ass HURTS. At least I burned off my lunch!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A bit of history

Here’s my weight history. I stayed around 112 lbs in high school. My senior year I filled out and got to 117. No big deal. I gained 14 lbs when I joined the Air Force and went through basic training. In tech school, I know I packed on a few more lbs because I was going to school on the night shift and was woofing down snickers and Mt. Dews to stay awake. I realized I was kind of heavy for my height (5’3), so I cut out the sugars and tried to eat better. By the time I was at my first base, I was approximately 123 lbs.

**When I am pregnant, I go by the weight on the drs scale. When I am not pregnant, I use my scale at home, which is about 7 lbs off from the drs scale**

When I went to my first drs appointment with #1, I was 128 lbs. I thought I was supposed to eat for 2, so I complied with that. The problem is that I ate for two grown men and blew up to 180+ lbs. I add the plus sign because I was too ashamed to look at the scale for my last visit. It was mid afternoon and I had on steel toe boots, but I hopped on the scale and as soon as it hit 180, I turned my head. I could see that it didn’t go above 185, but I can’t tell you if I weighed 181 or 184. Since I was in the Air Force, I had 6 months to get back below my weight max of 143. My thoughts were that if I was trying to lose weight, why stop at 143; why not go back to 128. So I did. When #1 was 1 year old, I found out I was pregnant with #2.

At my first dr appt I was 132 lbs. I got up to 170+ lbs. I am not ashamed at what I weighed that time, but I just can’t remember that far back. Anyway, almost immediately I was 148 lbs. But I stayed there for 6 months. I was working 84 hours a week and had two small children so I ate whatever I could get my hands on. I had a gym membership but going to the gym was WAY out of the question. Once I moved to small town OK, I was able to work out and eat right. I would “bounce” on a mini-trampoline for 2 hours in the morning while watching ER. If the kids needed me, I would assist them, otherwise I would wait until commercials to deal with them, do some laundry, do crunches, etc. I would make myself something different for dinner. Example: If I made them spaghetti, I would have the noodles with spray butter and lemon and a salad. I also stopped eating beef. This trend started at the end of February 2002. By #2’s first b-day at the end of July, I was 116 lbs. One day I ate a burger and the weight came back. Okay, it wasn’t like THAT. But I did start eating beef again and I DID gain the weight back. I am certain that my starting school and not working out had NOTHING to do with it!

In 2004 I finished up undergrad and went to law school. I saw a pic of myself in a school catalogue and realized I was fat. I was 147 lbs. That September, I decided to do something about it. Wait a moment. REWIND. I realized I was fat before that. I went to the dr. and was prescribed phentermine and I was taking 3 different classes at the gym 6 days a week. Some days I’d complete 2 classes, while other days I would only complete 1. I KNOW muscle weighs more than fat, but my pants weren’t getting any looser. Back to September 2004. I began to reduce the amount I was eating, I was eating cleaner, but I would eat whatever I wanted—in moderation. By January I was down to 120 something lbs. I eventually got to 115 and maintained it until March of 2006. Oh yeah, I stopped eating beef again. I eventually added beef back to my life, but this time I didn’t turn into a moo-cow.

In Feb of 2006, my appendix ruptured and I spent 5 days in the hospital too sick to eat. When I got home, I was swollen and bloated from the surgery, but I stepped on the scale to see 112 lbs. I looked like a bobble head. You don’t think 3 lbs makes a difference, but I looked like a skeleton. Remember I said I was bloated. Imagine what I would’ve looked like if didn’t have the 7 months pregnant look going on. I would’ve looked worse than a 20 year old corpse.

In April 2007, I was pregnant with #3. At my first appointment at 9 weeks, I was 124 lbs. I got up to 164 lbs. The weight fell off but stopped at 135 lbs. Since I didn’t really think I was fat, like before, I haven’t been in a hurry to get the weight off. My thought process before was that since I am heavy and I am already losing the weight, I might as well go as low as I can go. But this time, since I wasn’t THAT big, I didn’t feel the urge like before. MY goal has always been to be back to my pre-pregnancy size (115) by #3’s first birthday. Well, that’s NOT going to happen. I’ve been too comfortable where I am. Problem is, I have a closet FULL of clothes that I can’t fit into. That has to change.

I am currently at 130 lbs on my NEW scale (125) on the old one. I figured if I was going get to 115, it would be an accurate 115. So I have 15lbs to lose. #3 will be 1 on Dec 7 so I won’t be able to get the weight off by then. My goal is to have about 7 lbs off in a month. I typically average 8 lbs a month when I am doing well. I guess I need to kick ass this next month to get there!

December 27-123
January 27-115

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Carry on

I have a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. I graduated 3/1000 with a 3.94 GPA (2 B's). I was president of the Law and Politics Club, History Club, and Phi Alpha Theta (Historical honor society). I was a memeber of two more honor societies--Pi Sigma Alpha (political science) and Phi Kappa Phi (Cameron's top honor society). I was one of Cameron's Top 20 Students and a member of Who's Who. I was also on the Student Senate and I braved Law School for a year and a half. I am not sharing this with you so that I can boost my self esteem. I am simply annotating that I am not an idiot. But how is it that my old blog that disappeared suddenly appeared? And how is it that I am able to bitch about my blog not looking right, then suddenly, it does? This isn't rocket science is it???????

Since all is well in blog blog land, I will clean my kitchen for the guests that will be arriving to my daughters 8th birthday celebration. Happy Birthday #1. I survived Thanksgiving. Can I survive the ice cream cake?

I am going to scream

Am I not destined to have a blog? As I am typing a new blog moments ago, the asshole disappears. I do not have time for this. Not today. Guests should be arriving for #1's birthday party and I haven't gotten my kitchen cleaned up. Why doesn't my blog look like the others? I can not give you a quality product to read until my blog is right.