Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let's think about this one for a minute...

I don't even know how to start this post. Seriously....

I am 28 years old. I am 5'2-5'3 and weight about 128 lbs. I gained weight in basic training (14 lbs)because that was the first time I actually sat down and ate 3 meals a day, but I lost that about 3 months later. I gained weight because I was pregnant. I lost that then gained weight again because I was pregnant. I lose that then gained weight for the hell of it. Then I lost it and gained weight again...because I was pregnant. Can you believe that someone had the nerve to tell me this:

Sounds like you did a lot of yo-yo'ing up and down the scale.

Yeah, I did have a lot of yo-yoing up and down on the scale. But that was because I WAS PREGNANT. If you took that factor out, I've only gained weight twice. And shit, I probably would've only gained weight once if I didn't have kids.

I guess this rant is about people that are WAY out of shape and have NO RIGHT giving out weight loss advice, but do so anyway. I haven't really been trying to lose weight this past year. So that's why I am only about 10 lbs less than I was a year ago. But you have person X that has been working her ass off for I don't know how long and has hit a plateau and can't get off. SHE has the nerve to tell people what to do. Clearly you aren't doing it right or else you wouldn't be stuck for so long while working your ass off. Then there's person Y that weights about 2X as much as you that tries to give you weight loss tips. Um, when you are a success story and you get down to my weight, THEN you can lecture me. But in the meantime, DON'T go there.

I just love it when people think they're experts at something that they clearly AREN'T. I love, love, love those people that know everything about working out, dieting, exercising when they have no credentials to work it off. Do I consider myself an expert in a field? But hey, I know more than these people. Why? I do research. And I have results to show for it.

I hate people. I really, really do. And Kelly, if you're reading this, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

As promised

I guess now is a good time to write on the few things I mentioned in the last post.

#1-The marathon. I plan on running in the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 27. My boss, who is in his 50's--maybe late 40's, is running the full 26 miles. 5 of us decided to do the relay portion. At first I thought I would run the half marathon but when I realized how far it was, I changed my mind. 3+ miles may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me, it's a huge thing. I am so excited about this. If you would like to learn more about this marathon, take a peek at the page:

#2-I went to to set up a training schedule per the advice of several people. Looks like I will be running about 3 days a week. I have a 13 weeks training schedule. If I can't run 3 miles, somethings wrong with me.

#3-So I fell off the wagon. I don't think I've worked out since Monday. Once I measured myself, all bets were off. I have seriously been too frazzled to workout. It's not an excuse; I'm just telling you how it is. I had planned on getting to it tonight but it's rather late. Tomorrow is a new day. Heck, it's a new week! I'll get back on track. Promise.

#4-Next week IS a new beginning. I plan on tweaking my diet and starting my running plan. I will run during the day and do Tae Bo, Yoga, and Yoga Booty Ballet by night. I don't know how I won't be in great shape by the end of April. I have 13 weeks to look good. Can't run if I don't look good!

#5-I really need to clean this place. Clint told me that his friend was coming the first of February. When's that? Oh, next Friday. Not sure if Wes will get here by then, but it is the first of February. Tomorrow evening we're going to dinner at a friends house so that takes away part of my time. Then Clint wants to go ride his 4-wheeler tomorrow. I REFUSE to clean this place alone. I don't make the mess alone, I won't clean it alone. And as you know, he has more free time during the week than I do. Also, if he's gone tomorrow, that leave ME with the baby. That equals NO cleaning!

#6-I finally cleaned out my car--sort of. At least I threw out the trash. Most of it was junk mail. I just toss it in my car when I get it from the P.O. I started to vacuum it, but changed my mind about that. I thought I would do it later but NOPE...didn't happen. At least most if it is clean!

That's it. Not such an exciting post. Sorry.

Old post

This is something I posted on myspace back in July I think:

When I grow up
I know what I want to be when I grow up. Actually, that's not an accurate statement. I aspire to be an attorney but that's not going to happen in the near future. Instead of dreaming about other professions, I dream about things I want to do with my life. Here's the short list I came up with today:

  • Run in a marathon
  • Teach Pilates
  • Own a health food/medicine store
  • Learn (more) about aromatherapy
  • Grow a HUGE herb garden (that won't die)
  • Learn French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese
  • Travel to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Egypt, and the Mayan and Incan Ruins
That's the short list for now. I would LOVE to say I would achieve this by my 30th birthday, but I don't think that will happen. However, by the time I am 40, ALL of these things will have happened!My goal for 30 is this: to look GREAT, go on a great trip, teach pilates, and learn 3 of those languages!

Oh, I forgot. I am going to write a book too.

I'd better get moving. I'm going to be 30 in a little over a year. Well, here's the good news. I am working out, so inevitably I will look great for my big 3-0. I've already looked into going on a trip. I'm in the process of learning German. AND....I am going to run in a marathon at the end of April. Yep, you heard me. BUT...I'm only running 5K. 4 other people from work are going to run the rest. We're doing the relay portion of. I'm so excited...I can't wait for this!

I'm going to take a nap. I'll write more later. Here's what I want to discuss:

  • The marathon
  • Training for the marathon
  • Falling off the Wagon
  • Next week is a new beginning
  • Cleaning up this place
  • Cleaning my car

Okay, in the mean time, it's nap time.

Oh wait, one thing that annoys me today:

Stupid people at the cell phone store. That's another story too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have 12 minutes

Before I get dinner going. Tonight is veggie burgers. Yum! I bought them at the Commissary. They were marked $2.60 (tax free) and there were $.75 off coupons. I hope they have more coupons there tomorrow; I think I'll stock up!

I ate at the Thai Restaurant today. Bad girl. A friend of mine is getting out of the Air Force and going home to Wisconsin. She leaves tomorrow so I wanted to go out with her before she left. Turns out, the guys in my office want to do lunch at a Mexican Restaurant tomorrow. GREAT. I will go, and I will eat. I just need to do some research to find out what the lesser of the evil is on the menu.

No gym time today. See above. Hopefully I'll make it on Friday. Tonight I plan on doing some Tae Bo and hopefully Yoga. I won't get to work out until 9 or so (dinner at 8 then 1 hour for food to digest). So we'll see how much I get done.

Okay, times up. I didn't type for 12 minutes but I was looking at other sites. So I better run!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh please someone shoot me

Well, in case you all haven't figured out, Kelly O is my hero. I'm not obsessed with her or anything. It's just that she kicks major ass to the core. We've been talking diet/exercise for years. Even when I wasn't dieting/exercising because I was lazy or pregnant, she was still going strong. Now we don't do everything the same, I don't always do what she does. One area we differ in is the scale issue. She hates to weigh herself. I am addicted to it. But I will write her and tell her how the scale is the devil. What do I get in return? "That's why I don't weigh myself."

I wanted to follow in K.O.'s footsteps and NOT weigh myself. Okay, yeah right, that's won't happen. However, I need to know that my working out is working. So, I measured myself today. My plan is to go back in a few weeks to see if I am making progress. Well, holy geeze, gimme a gun. I am a beached whale. I am a fat cow. I feel HUGE. The scale never F***KS with me this bad. Even when I see a 6 lbs gain, I shrug it off because I know it's impossible. But this is ridiculous. I want to die here. I want to scream. Those #'s are higher than I imagined.

Please, Please, Please someone shoot me and put me out of my misery. If I were an emotional eater, I would've eaten 3 containers of Ben and Jerry's.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm gonna be sore tomorrow

Tonight I did 30 mins of Tae Bo and about 45 mins of Yoga. The yoga is going to have me screaming tomorrow.

I was at Hastings (our local entertainment store) and I bought MTV Yoga for $.99. It's on VHS, so what. I had rented or purchased MTV Pilates and hated it. I hated every minute of it. But I decided to give the Yoga video a try. I absolutely love it. LOVE IT!! I've been doing two Yoga Booty Ballet DVD's--Goddess Booty and Yoga Core. They're only 20 minutes long. I was looking for something more. Boy did I find it!! The 45 minutes flew by. So, I've found something new to throw in to my workout!

Dinner tonight was 2 ounces of beef, broccoli and cheese, carrots, and potatoes. If I had to guess, I'd say I had 1/2 cup of carrots and 1/2 cup of potatoes. I should start taking pics like everyone else!


I just wanted to share with you my meal plans for the week. I am just throwing things out there as I have no particular day in mind to eat anything specific:

White Beans and Rice
Beef Stew
Beef Roast with Carrots and Potatoes
Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops with Lemon Linguine
Veggie Burgers on Whole Wheat Bread with Broccoli and Cheese
Teriyaki Salmon and Veggie
Turkey Chili

That's all I have planned out so far. I guess the rice and potatoes are the worst things for me. i could have less carby veggies in there and more green veggies. I know this. But this is what I bought and this is what I'm eating. It's a lot better than Big Macs!

Here's the ingredients in everything:
White Beans=Large Lima Beans, 1 packet Lipton Onion Soup Mix, and Turkey Sausage
Beef Stew=Beef, Carrots, Potatoes, Packet of Beef Stew Seasoning (sounds like my pot roast)
Beef Roast=Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, and Beef Roast Seasoning
Shrimp, Scallops, and Linguine=Shrimp, Scallops, Green Onions, Garlic, A Little Margarine, Lemon Juice, and 0 calorie Spray Butter
Veggie Burgers=Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, and Pickles
Teriyaki Salmon=Duh...Salmon in Jack Daniels Honey Teriyaki Sauce. Veggies are unknown
Turkey chili=Ground Turkey, Kidney Beans, Tomatoes, and Tomato Soup

Well, that's all I have. Gotta got get #3 out of the bath. She's in there with her daddy...No worries...she wont drown! Hopefully I will get my Tae Bo on soon!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Note

What did you do today? Here's what I did:

I got up and checked my e-mail. I put #3 in high chair with some food. I put #1 and #2 in the shower, hung up clothes, washed 2 loads, made coffee, fed #1 and #2 AND...drum roll please....

I did 41 mins of Tae Bo and 21 minutes of YBB!!!

Go me!!

Now I have to eat, hang clothes, fold more, and sit in the car for 8 hours. Yippee!

Oh, I even started cooking dinner!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Would you like some cheese with that WHINE?

I feel so whiny today. I want some sleep. I want a clean house. I want to work out. Whine, whine, whine.

I am a fan of Kelly O's and Mrs. Furious' blog. If you have never read either, look at their pages--it can be found to the right.

Kelly was blogging about how we whine about things that are COMPLETELY under our control. We don't whine about the sky being blue. Instead, we whine about things we can change--don't like your job, get a new one. Don't like your bf/gf or spouse, get a new one.

Mrs. F posted a blog about how her house was a mess but she really had better things to do than to clean it. She could clean, but instead chose to spend her time with her children, doing something more meaningful.

So I sit here today whining to Kelly about how my house was a mess and I have no help from my husband and I only have like 6 free hours a day which entail cooking, trying to clean, taking care of the baby, working out, eating, checking e-mail and blogs, and taking a bath. I can't leave the baby alone in the living room because of our entry way. There's a step and tile everywhere and if she fell we would be heading to the ER. A baby gat that large is expensive. I am sure some of you are thinking "Gosh, you childs health is more important than the cost of the gate." Even if I did buy one, I couldn't use it because the only place for it to connect to is made of rigid stone so it wouldn't work. Anyway, I can't keep her in her high chair for hours. I am able to workout ebcause she's in her highchair eating and laughing at me. But after an hour she's ready to get down. Why not clean when she's in bed? Because most of my chores are on that end of the house and I don't want to wake her. Oh yeah. Did I mention that I get about 6 hours of sleep at night. He has 3 FREE hours a day, with no one around and he chooses to lay on the couch for those 3 hours. I think I told Kelly he was getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Actually, he goes to be anywhere from 2am to 4am. So he's getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Then he spends the other 3 laying around. Does anyone else see the disparity here? I had no problems taking care of things alone when he was working both day and night, but that's not the case now. So, according to Kelly--I have a choice to change this--I can get off my ass and clean or live with the mess. So, after hearing what Mrs. F has to say, I have decided that I DON'T want to spend the two hours of me time cleaning. I use 1 hour for working out and the other for checking e-mails/blogs, studying German, etc. When others decide to help me so I don't have so much to do on my own, THEN I will make time to clean. Until then, I am going to work out. God knows watching what I eat isn't working.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

As Kelly says...

The other day, Kelly posted this. Well, tonight I did that.

I came home and ate. I do this everyday. I don't think I eat enough during the day because I am starving when I get home. So I eat. Then I eat again after working out, around 8pm when Clint comes home for "lunch." Sometimes I think I am overeating although my calories are between 1200-1400 and I AM gaining weight, but that's a different story. Anyway, I came home tonight and ate for like 2 hours. I didn't eat like a cow. But I was eating quite often. (Another thing I have to get under control again--only eating if I am truly hungry). Back to the story--Clint came and left and I REALLY wanted to take a bath. I had bathed #3, lotioned her, and decided my skin was rather dry and I wanted a bath too. But did I do it? NO. Instead I checked blogs and e-mail. Then did I do it? NO. I pushed myself to workout. And I have to tell you, I think I had the best Tae Bo workout tonight. And after Tae Bo. I wanted to go to sleep. Did I? Obviously not. Did I start to write this blog? Nope. I threw in the YBB Goddess Booty DVD. About 4 minutes into it, I laid my head down on the carpet when they were doing the frog. I wanted to go to sleep. But I pushed myself. I did what Kelly said to do. I made myself continue the workout. And I am glad I did. I was pushing myself during Tae Bo. I got a cramp in my side, but like Kelly suggested, I worked through it and kept going. Yeah, so I stopped a few times. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. But I have progressed so much since I started this last week. I am very proud of myself.

I REALLY need to take pics and tape myself b/c my scale is going UP. I know muscle weighs more than fat. But did I really gain 6 lbs of muscle? I am sort of kind of dealing with my period right now (again, another story) so maybe it's water weight. Hopefully the scale will start going town soon. I can already see small changes in my body. At least I am not working out for nothing.

Well dear readers, as much as I hate to do this to you, I must go. I have to be at work for 7:30am then I have an 8 hour drive ahead of me. I need all the rest I can get. After a quick bath and some tylenol PM, my pretty little face is hitting the pillow!

Now then...

I am not going to rewrite what I wrote last night. I have a German lesson in a minute. But here's the gist of it. Yesterday I walked for 30 mins on the treadmill then did 30 mins of YBB Yoga Core. I ws going to do some Tae Bo but my head started hurting pretty badly during the YBB workout. It wasn't like a headache, it was like I had having an aneurysm. It reminded me a lot of when my epidural was leaking and I would get up and my head would hurt. Anyway, I consumed around 1300 calories yesterday.

Here's my menu so far for today:
Southbeach Cranberry Chicken Salad (290)
Southbeach Southwest Chicken Wrap (240)
Andes mints (100)
Crackers (80)
Turkey Meatloaf (200)
Soup (50)
Broccoli and Cheese (65)

So far I'm at 1025. I will be having coffee I'm sure (100) and then something else for dinner after I workout. Probaly no more than 200 calories. I'm thinking Veggie Burger.

Tonight I will get in Tae Bo and YBB. I most likely won't be working out tomorrow. I have to go to Texas to get #1 and #2 and won't be home until around 9pm or so. With that said, I most likely won't be up to it. I know I won't be going to the gym because I will be leaving at noon to go get them. So I need to do extra today and even more this weekend!

One more time

I posted two messages last night and I received an error for both. That pissed me off. Let me see if this will go through.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Slap me on the ass and call me crazy!

I think Kelly is my workout/dieting "soulmate." I wish I lived near her because I would workout with her everyday! She'd keep me on track. I love talking about fitness and "dieting" with anyone I encounter, but only Kelly seems to "get it." What I mean by that is that I can turn to her and say "Oh, I put on my size 5 jeans and I feel fat" and I don't feel like she wants to bitch slap me for it. I typically don't mention things like that to others because they shoot daggers from their eyes. I can tell Kelly about my progress and she seems genuinely interested. I can tell her my problems and she's there to offer encouragement and advice. Typically I am the one on the other end listening and offering the advice. Most of the people that try to give me "advice" are fat cows that tell me I am thin enough, I will never be the size I was in high school. I am a yo-yo dieter, etc. Screw that. Back to Kelly. She's there for me and I am there for her. So why am I telling you this? Because I really think she's the ONLY one that's going to understand what I am about to write.

I was using free weights for a few weeks, then I switched to Tae Bo Amped last week and did 3 workouts and I walked/ran on the treadmill 2X last week. I had a hectic weekend, but I am back on track today. I did a 41 minute Tae Bo workout PLUS a 25 minute Yoga Booty Ballet workout. I mentioned this last week but I will reaffirm this: I can see that my arms are slimming down. I am beginning to see definition. I had some before pics a few months ago but they must've got deleted. Every time I think about taking them, my husband isn't home. I can't figure out how to set the timer on my camera so I am out of luck. But I REALLY need to do this. I wish I could show all of you what I see. But, I am not sure you could tell. When I asked if it was possible to see this after a few workouts, Kelly told me it was absolutely possible--as much as she and I obsess over our bodies, we will notice any little change. I can see this. And I am REALLY excited!!!

Did you notice that I DID do the YBB tonight? I cut the last post short, popped it in, and got to it. Guess what, hubby didn't get home until after I finished. It's a good thing I got it over with because I have lost my steam. I still need to clean the train wreck inside my home, but I need to take a bath before I use up the hot water while running the washing machine or dishwasher. Once I get in the tub, it's all over.

I'm on a roll!!!

My husband comes home very night around 8 for "lunch" so I try to work out before. I started my 41 minute Tae Bo workout just before 7 but I had several distractions, i.e. baby and dinner on the stove, so it took a little longer. Anyway, I am feeling really energized. I kind of wish he wasn't come home until 9 because I would get started on my Yoga Booty Ballet. I am afraid I will lose my steam if I just sit around. I guess now really isn't a good time to be on the floor doing leg exercises considering #3 is roaming around. She will try to climb on me. I guess it's getting put off. I just hope I can keep this up and I can get right back to it around 8:30!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tae Bo Legs

I've always had nice legs. Always. I have the perfect calf muscles. People ask me if I am a runner or dancer because my legs are that great. Now, I must admit that I do have some flab at the top of my legs. I definitely need to work on that. But overall, my legs are okay.

My husband I just purchased a cooktop, wall oven, and dishwasher. We were trying to get the old dishwasher out and had some issues. For starters, I have two broken nails. It HURTS when you pop two nails off. Anyway, when the previous owners put the tile down in the kitchen, they tiled in front of the dishwasher. That meant that pulling the thing straight out wasn't an option. We tried lifting on it but it wouldn't work. Our only option was to lift up on the countertop. Clint and his friend tried that while I tried to get the dishwasher out. Didn't work. So I suggested that Chris and I lift the countertop while Clint pulled the dishwasher out. I am only 5'3 and I didn't have an leverage to lift the countertop so ta-da, the lightbulb comes on in my head. I position myself on the floor and lift with my legs. I did a better job than Chris. In fact, we had to trade sides because his side needed to come up more. So Ms. Tae Bo Legs got over there and lifted it! Actually, long before they boys came in I was already lifting the countertop with my legs but as you can imagine, it is almost impossible to lay on the floor trying to lift the countertop with your legs and pull the dishwasher out with your arms. But I tried! I didn't do any workouts tonight. Here comes the excuses! I have 2 ovens, 2 dishwashers, the third row seat from my car, a microwave, a stovetop, and boxes for a stovetop, microwave, and dishwasher strewn throughout my home. Needless to say, there really isn't much room to work out. Going to my bedroom isn't an option because I will wake the baby and using the TV in #1's room isn't practical as I don't have any room to move in there. But don't worry, wrestling with that dishwasher left me breathless and I am certain my arms, legs, and back will be in pain. I am certain that I found new muscles that I never knew existed. Just wait until tomorrow!

That's it. I'm out. Only the cooktop is installed. The old oven and dishwasher is out, but the new ones aren't in their place. I'd love to be in bed in an hour but I am afraid that won't happen. Sigh. Good night!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

No, No, No

I will not post anything remotely exciting until I get my house clean. I have been neglecting it the past few weeks. I am not sure what I have been doing, but I know I haven't been watching TV (it came back on. Stupid Dish Network. On top of cutting it off, I made a payment and they processed it 2x even though it showed up as 1x. The stupid person that barely speaks English that's in charge of "helping" me said they would refund it in 7-10 business days. WTF???? YOU TOOK $100 FROM MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION AND IT'S GOING TO TAKE THAT LONG TO GET IT BACK TO ME?????) . I spent my evening at Wal-Mart, came home, checked my e-mail and myspace and read my three favorite blogs, now I am going to cook dinner and clean. Here are things I need to post about:

  • New running shoes
  • Overeating
  • Always hungry
  • Stupid period
  • Not wanting to workout but pushing through it

I can think of more; I mainly put that down as a reminder for myself. Hopefully I'll be posing soon. Off to clean!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I hate Billy Blanks

As you already know, my husband is working nights and regardless of that fact, I can not go to sleep without him. I don't know if I truly can't sleep without HIM there or if I know that when he gets in bed it will wake me so I fight my sleep. I try to take a nap on the couch, but I end up waking up every so often to check the time. When he came in at midnight last night he was on the computer for a while then he got in the shower and took forever in there. Then he comes to bed and tries to get naughty but I tell him no. So, I know I am asleep, but it doesn't feel like it. It seems like I haven't slept at all. What does this fool do? He wakes me up at like 2 am trying to do the naughty. What part of NO an hour before didn't he understand? Was I going to change my mind an hour later when he WOKE me? No. I eventually do get to sleep then I am greeted with the alarm at 6am. Needless to say I am tired. So what does this have to do with Billy Blanks?

Well today is day 3 for Tae Bo. I tried to take a nap on the couch but my daughter didn't want that. So as she drank her juice and ate some Cheerios, I decided to force myself to work out. I am VERY thankful that tonight was only a 30 minute workout. I dragged the whole time. I commented before that I was only able to complete 3/4 of the exercises but I gave it my all. Well not tonight. I was like screw it, I am NOT doing that. I did something else instead, but trust me, that something else was me barely moving.

I am just so exhausted. On top of that, my body is sore. I know that we need to press on and workout when our bodies are sore. I don't think that was my holdup, however, I wanted to whine about it.

I had my day mapped out but it isn't happening. I will work on the house some, but my main plan for the evening is to get baby to bed, make dinner, take a bath, and go to sleep. That's it. I feel like I could sleep for days. I think I will have some coffee.

Food for today:
Coffee: (100)
Turkey Sandwich (300)
LQ Potstickers (290)
Broccoli and Cheese (60)
2 hamburger patties (200)
Broccoli and Cauliflower (50)
Rice (220)

Total 1220

I will probably have some Brussels Sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower, and a small piece of salmon. Well, if I get hungry. I am going to make some coffee and that will curb my appetite some. I am hoping to finish out around 1500 calories. Normally I would freak out about this, however, I am working out quite a bit. Tomorrow is an off day for Tae Bo, so I will go hit the gym to use the treadmill and do some YBB. I think the extra calories are needed.

Last thing,

Is it possible to see a change in my arms already?

Monday, January 7, 2008

I kicked major bum today...or is it arse???

Let me tell you about the title first, then I will tell you about the booty kicking I did today. My friend Kelly is trying to cut back on swearing so she is inserting British words in the swear word's place. Hey Laura, if you can lend us some words, that would be great!! So, I will occasionally replace a word or two because it is fun. Oh Bloody Hell!

Back to kicking hiney's. Last night I did 40 minutes of Tae Bo. I would say I was 75% efficient. Until I get the hang of a workout, I don't give it my all. It's not that I am not trying to give it my all, it's just that I don't know what I am doing, so I am not able to do all of the workouts or I am not able to do them 100% correctly. Make sense? Anyway, I wasn't very sore at all this morning and I was a little disappointed. My calves were a little tight, but that was it. At lunch I went to the gym. I ended up running for 12 or 13 mins (7-8 mins the first time then 5 mins the last time) and walking for 17-18 mins. BTW, I DESPISE running. When I was a child, I would run everywhere. I grew up out in the country and my dad, aunt, and grandma lived on the same property, so I was running from one house to the next. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with asthma and didn't think I could run anymore. When I joined the Air Force at 18, I was forced to run for 6 weeks. Then in my 6 month tech school, I was *supposed* to run, but developed shin splints and didn't really run. So, at the grand age of 28, I have taken up running. I really want to be in a marathon. When I was 14 or so I told my step mother I wanted to be a runner in the Olympics. Great aspirations for someone that hates running huh? I don't think I hate it. I think that I developed an aversion to it and it's going to take some time getting use to. It's like having a favorite food, then eating it once and getting food poisoning. That will make you stay away from it for a long time. But you long for it so you try it again..just a little at a time. You have a fear that you won't like it anymore or it may make you sick. But lo and DOESN'T. Okay, maybe not the best analogy, but hopefully you get it the point. In case you haven't noticed, I go off on different tangents. Back to the case at hand. What did I do tonight? I did a 50 minute Tae Bo workout!! Go me! I did take a few breaks (to get the baby milk and to start dinner) but for 1/2 of those breaks I paused it and resumed. Like last night, I did 3/4 of the exercises and did it 3/4 correctly. For the things I couldn't do, I did something else in that place. I am sooooooooooo psyched!!!

Hubby will be home for lunch any minute now. Our satellite is turned off so it looks like I will have to clean to keep myself entertained. Why is my satellite off? Because I didn't pay the bill. Why? Because my husband's paychecks are weird and he gets paid via check, not direct deposit so that means I have to mail the check to the bank, which is 3 hours, or like 200 miles away. Long story but his pay period is off and we didn't have $$ going in to the bank when we normally would. So, #1-there was a missed check. #2-the $$ is en route, but isn't in the bank. So, I have about $10 in my bank account. Yeah, can't pay the satellite bill can I? Everything has been getting direct deposited until recently, so typically there would be $$ in the bank but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
it's somewhere on a mail truck. So, there you have it! Oh well. TV is overrated.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Things I need to do

I have a list on the right side of my blog devoted to this, but these things just popped in my mind.

There are some things I need to work on:
  • Drink MORE water. I AM trying. Honest.
  • Cut out as much sugar as possible. I used Sugar Free Syrup today and Sugar Free Spaghetti Sauce.
  • Take my vitamins. I am SO horrible about this.I forget to take meds. Good thing I don't take birth control pills or else I would be pregnant all the time.
  • Stop Smoking. I've actually done this. But, every now and again I will get around someone that does it and I will smoke one, then I am smoking for like a week. Then I quit, then I do it again. It's GROSS. I know. With all the cardio I plan on doing, I need my lungs to be as fully functional as possible.
  • Clean my house. I do try this. But I am home alone with the baby at night and it's hard to clean while watching her. I can't leave her alone in the living room for very long because we have steps she can tumble down. I don't have $200 to buy a gate large enough to cover it. I need to try harder though to get the house in order and keep it that way. I can do it!

Well, that's all I can think of right this second. #3 is winding down. Actually she's sitting in her chair with noodles on her head.

Food for thought

Or better yet, food that I ate today!

2 Flaxseed Berry Pancakes (180) with Sugar Free Syrup (25)
1/2 c butter beans (90) and 3/4 cup rice (150)
1 small potato with tsp parm cheese and 1 tsp mayo and hot sauce (I don't know how many calories. I'd say 200 max)
1/2 c cereal and milk (I'm too lazy to check on this but lets say 200)
1 package Brussels sprouts (50)
Turkey Spaghetti with Whole Wheat Noodles (I didn't eat that much but I like to round up so..300)
Coffee (50)

Not too bad. Not too bad. Well, it's bad if I don't work out!!! But, I plan on kicking some Tae Bo Booty and Yoga Booty Booty in about an hour. The baby will be asleep, my food will be digested and I will be ready to go!

I have a plan!

That's right I have a plan!!! My friend Kelly told me about Tae Bo Amped. She had just bought it and said that she had stopped doing Tae Bo some time back because all of Billy's Video's seemed on the beginner level instead of advanced. She felt that this was finally on the advanced level. Well, what Kelly does, I do, so I went out and about it. Actually, I ordered it from Amazon and it got here Friday. I was looking at the booklet that came with it and decided that I am going to follow the suggested workout guide in the book. It's 6 days on, 1 day off for 2 weeks, then I think there's 2 days off the last weeks. I am not sure how this is going to turn out, but I am going to give it a shot for 1 week. Billy Blanks says you can feel it after 1 day and see results after 1 week. I am going to try this for one week to see if it's true! I am also going to add in some Yoga Booty Ballet with it. I have several YBB DVD's. Some are cardio related but since I'll be getting that from the Tae Bo, I will use the YBB for toning (like the Goddess Booty Workout). If I don't see anything after a week, I may try it for another week or I may move on to something else. Not sure yet. I may be workout out too much, but here's my plan:

Tae Bo-6 days per week approximately 1 hour
YBB 5 days a week-Approximately 30 minutes
Treadmill Walking/Running-2-3 days a week 30-45 minutes
Arm and Ab workout-3-4 days a week or every other day

It's really hard to workout when we have to get #1 and #2. They live with their dad and he lives 4 hours away. If it's a 3 day weekend or holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, its easy enough to drive down there and get them then come back home, and make the trip 2 days later. But having to get them one day then take them home the next isn't worth it. We spend 8 hours in the car. By the time we get to my house, there's not much time to visit. We thought it would be cheaper to stay the weekend down there instead of spending $200 in gas; wrong. I had to spend $100 in gas, $75 for a room (a crappy one at that), and we had to pay for 4 meals for 4 people. Yeah, I spent like $250. I can't do this 2X month. Anyway, I am afraid that we're going to have to start doing this. Like I said, it's just too much to do it in one weekend. I can take us out for one meal, then I can buy frozen things to eat for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. I know it's not the greatest thing, but I can spend $20 on 3 meals versus a minimum of $45. And if I am really nifty, I can bring my can opener and we can have things from a can! And I can bring plastic ware and knives and such and we can have salads. It won't be that bad. But....if I am spending 2 days in a hotel how can I workout? Well technically, Saturday would be the only problem day. I could work out when I got home that night. I could bring a DVD player to hook up to the TV, but there's really not that much room in the room to work out. I could bring my weights for arm work outs. I could always bring my mini trampoline, but it kind of takes up a lot of room. Oh what will I do??? I'll figure something out! In the mean time, I just want to get this started today.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Last rant...for today..hehehehe

My SIL weighed about 94 lbs when she got married to my brother. Her dad is around 6'0 and is a regular sized man, and her mother is probably 4'9 and about 90 lbs. My SIL is about 4'10 or 4'11. Her brothers are of short stature and are both relatively thin. She had my nephew Corey, then before he's 1, she gets pregnant with Ashley. After having Ashley, she isn't fat. She's about 120 lbs. Then she BLOWS up. She was pregnant with baby #3 but lost it, then got pregnant with #4. she was sharing the story of how her bc failed and she didn't find out she was pregnant until she was 7 months pregnant (it's BS I assure you, but humor me). She was so proud to say "When I went to my annual exam in Jan, I was 187 lbs, when I went back in July, at 7 months preggo, I was still 187 lbs. I hadn't gained any weight." (On a side note, when she went in for her annual exam, she was already pregnant. Can you honestly say that dr. couldn't tell?????? She would've been a little over 4 weeks. Her uterus would've been enlarged). You're PROUD of that? You're almost 100 lbs heavier than you were when you got pregnant with Corey. Granted, it was like 11 years earlier. But that story will follow. Prior to this, people would mistake her as being pregnant. She let herself get THAT out of shape. When I found out I was pregnant with #1, she said "Your bikini days are over." No, YOUR bikini days are over. Just because I have kids doesn't mean it's a license to be fat. I was sharing with a co-worker my desire to get to 115 lbs. She said "you need to forget that, you're a mom now, you're high school days are over." Once again, NO, YOU'RE a MOM, and YOU are using that as an excuse to be fat." I was 115 just before getting pregnant with Mackenzie, and I was 27. I remember asking someone about so-and so's wife. Her weight came up and someone said "Oh, she just looks like a mom." Okay, I know that this woman was heavy. Is that what a mom is...a heavy person???

Yes, most people put on weight when they have a child. Yes, out bodies change..we get stretch marks, our hips spread, we get lose skin. Things do change. And as we get older, our metabolism slows down. But, you CAN LOSE WEIGHT after having a kid. I HATE, HATE, HATE people that say things like "I wouldn't be fat if I didn't have kids." YES YOU WOULD BECAUSE YOU JUST ATE 10 DONUTS. Sure, having those kids may have to led to a weight gain, but hello, you CAN lose it. I think it's sad that people accept being overweight and blame it on having kids. Pony up and admit that the kids didn't do it. You may have gained weight from being pregnant, but that had nothing to do with keeping it on. You're either comfortable with your body or you just don't give a shit enough to be thin. But having kids isn't the cause.

Okay, I am done...for least with the rants.


I've posted about this topic before. And I read a blog somewhere else about excuses--excuses for not doing this or not doing that. Specifically, mine (and the other) was geared towards weight loss, but people do make excuses for anything and everything.

I am part of a yahoo group called After Baby Weightloss. It's for women that are trying to lose weight after the birth of a child. When I joined, they had a 5 week Challenge in place--try to lose 5 lbs in 5 weeks. I'm not sure when I joined, but I think it was in August/September. Anyway, one person has succeeded--ONCE. The trend is that people are losing 2 lbs--IN FIVE WEEKS. Some are gaining. I am not criticizing them because I am very much one of them. Wouldn't you expect to see weight loss happening in a weight loss group? I understand some people go there for support and tips. But isn't the purpose to lose weight? I mean, it's kind of like being in a Save The World Group and discussing ways to save the world, but never going out and doing it. Anyway, in order to get this group moving, I went out and made a small purchase for the next Challenge. The person that goes above and beyond the 5 lbs wins! I hope I can motivate these ladies into actually losing weight. I have weight to lose too. But that's not the point. The point is to get this WEIGHT LOSS group to lose weight.

When I was making the announcement, I had mentioned that the holidays have passed and it's time to get back on track. This opened a door in my head and I wanted to post my thoughts on the holidays and excuses.

How many times have you heard people say "I gained weight over the holidays. I just couldn't say no to all that food." Why is it that people let the holidays consume them and they think they somehow have the liberty to pig out and gain weight (when they're trying to gain weight)? I've noticed it's the one time of year people put weight on. And the one time of year people seem to be okay with it because after all, "It's the holidays!" Why can't people be smart about it. If you want to eat apple pie, DO IT. But eat a sliver of it instead of 2 HUGE pieces. If you know you have a huge dinner to attend, reduce your calories (or points or whatever method you use) throughout the rest of the day. Say no to some of the dishes, or, if you must eat EVERYTHING, have a small amount of each. OR, as a final resort, if you MUST eat three helpings of each dish, then compensate by working out. I personally think this is stupid. There should be no reason in the world that we gorge ourselves during the holidays. It's only food. If I made the same meal once a month would you pig out? I think that people hear the word 'holidays' and immediately associate it with food then can have the excuse to over eat. Also, I know the holidays are busy times but people use this as an excuse to not work out. "Oh, I was so busy shopping." Well you know what, if you have time to watch TV, or take a nap, or get on the net, you can work out. It's all about having the desire to do so and prioritizing your schedule.

People need to STOP making excuses. If you want to eat like a horse on the holidays, whatever. But don't think that just because its "The Holidays" that you have a license to overeat. And don't bitch to others about it when you do gain weight over the holidays. Take responsibility for your actions. YOU chose to eat all that food. No one force fed you. So stop complaining. Also, don't blame holiday things for not working out. You could've got up early, or eliminated something else in order to work out. Step up to the plate, take responsibility, and say "You know what, I just didn't want to work out."

You may read this and think it's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. But I don't see it that way. I KNOW I have excuses. I know I didn't work out, but I also know I didn't overeat. This blog serves as a lesson to others AND to myself---just stop making excuses. Shit or get off the pot. If you're not going to do something, fine, but QUIT coming up with the reasons you didn't do it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Does this count

I just ran from the kitchen to the living room. Does this count as working out?

I need a vacation

#1-I have another "I hate" to add to my list. People that freak out about finances then turn around an buy something stupid. Clearly your finances aren't THAT big of a deal if you're buying that.

#2-Why do I need a vacation? I just had like a week and half off. So why the need? I just do. I spent the day in the car---from 10:45 to 8:30 taking #1 and #2 to their dads. I got home, threw some dinner together for Clint, then got on the net for a while and crashed out. Typically I end up sitting up waiting for him to get home from work. Not last night. I did wake up a few times, but went right back to sleep. I crashed out. He came in and I got in bed. I came home tonight hoping I would get the place clean, workout, cook dinner, etc. I don't see that happening. I will force myself to work out but the cleaning will wait. We have to get up at 6:00 to take the baby to the dr. for surgery (tubes in ears). I have taken the day off tomorrow so it's not like I can't take a nap. But for now, I am exhausted. I am looking SOOOOOOOOO forward to this weekend. I desperately need to clean up. Can't get past that. But I am looking forward to the down time. VERY forward to it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Random thoughts

#1-I think it's pretty pathetic when you have to reminds others it's your birthday. Are you just that desperate for attention? It's obvious that no one cares, but clearly if you're reminding people, you want some attention. WHY??? They don't care. I see posts on myspace all the time "Hey, it's my birthday." Who cares? If you're THAT important, we will have already known that.

#2-I hate it when people post things on myspace that says "Go look at my new picture. Leave me a comment." Why do you need comments? Again, are you THAT in need of attention that you have to command others to give it to you? And once again, if people aren't leaving you comments on their own accord, they probably don't give a shit.

#3-I am a member of about 12 yahoo groups, so trying to guess which group I talk about is near impossible. If you're from one of the groups and you're reading this, you're probably not part of the group or groups in question. Have you ever been part of a group where you can say things and people hardly ever respond. Yet so and so can make a post and it's like they have a fan club? I'm not even sure that's the way to put it. That way sounds like person B is more popular than person A. That's not the case. Let me try again. If you notice, some people will comment to certain people and certain people only. But for others, it's like they don't know they exist. I can understand having preferences in a group, but for fuck's sake, this isn't high school. The clique days are over. It's a message board. It's meant for open discussion. If the conversation is going to be dominated by, say, like 5 people, and they won't say shit to anyone else, why have that group? Form your own "Fab 5" group. Let's see, I can be part of a weight loss group (not the group I am talking about, just giving the best anaolgy I possibly can to get the point across) and post that I lost 50 lbs in one month, I am doing great, I found a magic super pill that gave me the best body ever, and I will get NO response. If I am lucky, I will get a "that's great." Then so and so can post that she took a shit and lost .02lbs and she gets 10 responses "Oh that's so great, what's your trick" "Way to go, I knew you could do it" "You're so close to your goal, keep up the good work" Clearly my story is more interesting, but I don't think it's about the content, I think it's about the author. And no, it's not that they don't like ME. This happens to alot of other members.

#4-Speaking of groups, have you ever joined or have been invited to a group and it's like you have NOTHING in common with these people? I am in a group with some women that have fertility issues. Some of on there don't. There's about 10 members and I would say 6 do, 4 don't. Someone can post a boo-hoo I can't have a baby (which IS sad) and everyone is all over it. But if you post about your baby, NO ONE has anything to say. I do not have fertility problems. I'm sorry I don't. I can't talk to you about that because I don't have those issues. What I can do is talk to you about the obstacles I overcome and tell you about my baby. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's like they don't want to hear about the kid. And that's understandable. But in that forum, I have NOTHING else to talk about. NOTHING. It's not a TTC group either. It's a group of women that met from an out of control TTC group. When I was invited, I was very pregnant, and they knew this. As was a few other members. If you hate pregnant people. If you don't want to hear about kids, DON'T INVITE THOSE MEMBERS.

#5-A woman has fertility issues, then gets pregnant. Then she doesn't use birth control and ends up pregnant again. They she's all surprised and says "Well, I thought I had issues and couldn't get preggo." Hello, you have children. Clearly you CAN get preggo. I know that some people have severe issues and need IVF and stuff and have a 0 chance of getting pregnant on their own. But for those that do have a chance of it happening, why would you take that chance? A few years back my friend Gia had a 2 year old and called to tell me she was pregnant and was a little pissed. I asked "Gia, you 're poor, bc is free, why didn't you use it?" Her response: I didn't think I could have kids!!! WTF?? YOU GAVE BIRTH TO A CHILD 2 YEARS AGO. It took her over a year to conceive, but she wasn't on any meds. What does she mean she didn't think she could have kids? Yes, she had a hard time getting pregnant before, but does that mean that you will NEVER get pregnant? And for all you know, whatever condition you had before may have cured itself. I mean, if you're not trying to have a baby, why would you take tests to tell you if you're ovulating or if your man's sperm is good?

Okay, enough with my rants. Occasionally random thoughts will pop in my head. I told you these blogs were about weightloss and all the bumps in between. This is a bump.

Missing that mommy gene

My mother sent #3 a Talking Parrot for Christmas. This morning #2 was jacking with the remote and temporarily broke it. I took 6 of her toys away for messing with stuff that wasn't hers. I ultimately gave them back, but the lesson to be learned is that she doesn't need to jack with things that weren't hers, and if she did, she will lose her stuff. Well, #2 brings me the parrot a few hours later. He's no long perched on his "tree branch" and I proceed to scream at her, when I find out it was #1--the good kid-- that did it. This bird had twisty ties that were holding it on. It's not necessary to have the twist ties on but it's added reinforcement. If the baby knocks him over, I don't have to worry about him getting broke. When he dances he nearly falls over as it. I tell the kid to find them, but her head is up her ass and she can't find them. So, in a pissed off rage, I told her to clean her room and put everyone of her toys in the hallway. They're now MINE. What the hell makes this child tick? Why is okay for HER to do something but it's not okay for #2?? She knows better. I am uber pissed because I have some form of OCD and I will never be able to get the twisty ties on like they should be. So every time I see this bird fall over I am going to go into a rage again.

Why can't these kids listen? Why can't they leave things along that isn't theirs. I catch #2 in there playing with baby toys. Do you know how many times we tell her to leave them alone??? It's not that they don't get it, it's just that they don't give a shit and don't feel they need to listen. This pisses me off. It's not the fact that they fucked with the bird (well, maybe a little), it's the fact that these kids have no regards for others property. None. When #1 was about 3 or 4, she brought me a toy. It needed batteries, but she thought it was broken. She handed it to me and said "Mommy, it's broke. That's okay, I'll just have Nanna buy me a new one." WTF? Are my kids really gonna be that way? They're not going to give a shit about others, only think of themselves, and think that the world is going to be handed to them in a golden platter??? I look at the big picture. It's not that they jacked with the bird. It's the fact that they were told NOT to, but they do their own thing anyway. The world isn't like that. Is it okay to go in a store and steal?? They know it's wrong but fuck it, they want it? Is it okay to treat people like shit because they feel like it?

What's the problem with kids these days???? Go ahead, tell me that their just kids, and kids don't always listen, give them a break. Bullshit. What they learn as kids is what makes them adults. There are already too many assholes in this world, we can do without 2 more.

Happy New Year

This is a new day, a new year, a new me!

I ate about 6 million calories yesterday. And I didn't care. Why? Because today is a brand new day, a brand new year, which is going to lead to a brand new me!!!!

I haven't had anything to eat today. My husband is making breakfast---eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, and who know what else. I will eat some, but not too much. Lunch will be blackeyed peas and cabbage. I'm from Louisiana and that's what we eat on New Year's Day!!! Btw, I am going to have "New Year's Around The Country" from now on. I am going to make what people from other regions make. Moving on, I don't know what dinner will be. Maybe some Talapia and veggies. Or Salmon and veggies. I am not quite sure. But it will be healthy!

Happy New Year everyone!