Saturday, June 21, 2008

Because it's the right thing to do...

I guess I should post something. I have been so incredibly busy. Between housing storm victims, to taking care of 4 kids, to returning kids, and working late, I've been swamped. I've had no time for the gym. Heck, I've had no time to shop for groceries. I mean, I have time to run in and pick up this or that, but no real time to bulk shop. Also, my tanning salon is closing on the 30th. There's only one other one in town and I am NOT paying $45 or $60 a month to tan there. The thing that sucks is that on the 17th or of May I redeemed 2 unlimited months of tanning. That means that I still have 1 left and they're closing. GREAT. I did read that they would reimburse individual sessions but not unlimited. I think I SHOULD get reimbursed since it was one full month that was never used. Know what I mean? So I've been trying to take advantage of that as best as I can. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

I have some other stuff going on but I don't want to post it on here. Too many people have mouths. And too many people like to run those mouths. And some things just don't need to be public information, although it's really NOT that big of a deal. Isn't it sad that sometimes you can't post the simplest of things on your blogs because people will gossip about anything? Oh well. I'll tell my close friends (Kelly, e-mail coming your way) and if you want to know what else is going on with m e, leave me a comment or e-mail me and I will fill you in!

My house is a mess. I need to do laundry. The last child goes home tomorrow. Praise God! The kids are fun and all, but when you go from having 3 people in the house to having 6, it gets hectic. I mean, when I go anywhere, I don't have to get one kid ready, I have to get THREE of them ready. #1 and #2 are pretty self sufficient. They can get themselves dressed, brush their hair and teeth, put their dirty clothes away, etc. etc. They're 8 and 6. Of course they don't need my help. My step daughter is a little more needy. The kid is 5 and by no means is she a dummy, but while #1 and #2 go in the bathroom to to brush their teeth, she is standing there staring off into space. The kid has NO initiative. Unless I tell her to do something, she won't do it. Heck, even when I do tell her to go do something, she still stand there like she's unsure of what she's supposed to be doing in spite of doing the same routine for the past 2 years at my house. So I pretty much have two small children to take care of because I can't trust her to get herself dressed or brush her teeth or put her clothes away etc. without my watching her. I don't have to brush her teeth or put her clothes on for her, but sometimes I think my life would be easier if I did b/c it would shave off 1/2 of the time. But I raise big kids, not babies. Oh, and #2 likes to talk, talk, it's nice to have it quiet for a change!!!!!!

What else is going on? I got a new wedding ring. There's something to gossip about. The first one was my great grandmothers. It was very frail and fragile and it was breaking. I could've had it repaired, but I didn't want to materially alter the ring. I already felt bad about having it sized and soldered. The second one was a cheap ring my husband picked out. It was the thought that counts. I never wore it though...not sure why. So, he went out and bought me another one. The funny thing was that I had JUST looked at a ring..IDENTICAL...and it was 1/4 less expensive and he ran out and got this one. If he hadn't gotten it sized, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO would've returned it and got the other one. But it was too late. I had told him to go to the other place, but he didn't listen. (He told me he was going to get a new ring). I've tried and tried to take a pic of it, but it won't come out, so I will paste a link to it. He felt bad because he REALLY wanted to get me an $8000 ring. There's NO WAY I can afford that. His ex wife's ring was $4,000 and he feels bad that he didn't spend that much on me. He says that he loves me more and should spend three times as much on me. But as I pointed out, he had NO hand in her ring. SHE went to Zales. SHE picked it out. SHE financed it. It's not like he picked it out and paid for it. Hell, he was away for Air Force training when she did this. So to me, this doesn't count. And his mom goes on and on about how beautiful her ring was. Well if I went out and picked out my own ring and wanted to finance it, then I could pick out a damn gorgeous ring that will blind you. But that's not right to me. I showed him what I did and didn't like, but I wanted HIM to pick it out as it was a gift from HIM. I am married to HIM...not to myself. Some of you may have picked out your own rings...and that's fine. But I want something that my partner picked out on his own accord. And that he did. He didn't get anything I would've picked out. In fact, this is twice now that I showed him exact rings that I liked but he didn't pick out. But he is getting rings that I do like. Heck, even if I thought it was wicked ugly, I would love it since HE picked it out. He actually did really well. I had tried on several rings and the bigger they are, the wrong they look on me. I am a petite girl and some rings look so fake on my because they overwhelm my finger. Sometimes I look down and I think the ring looks tiny, then at other angles, it looks kind of big. All I can say is that he did really well with picking a ring that complemented my finger. When I had tried on the twin at another location, the sales lady said "That's it, that's the ring for you, those others were too big for your tiny little hand." I know that some of you are much thinner and are sporting rocks. Good for you. My ring is perfect for me!

Pay no attention to the price, carats, etc. My ring actually has round stones, but this is the closest one I could find.

Oh wait...try this one. This one is more accurate as far as looks goes:

Okay, last thing. I bought a new pair of shorts. SIZE THREE!!!! WOO-HOO. I haven't lost any more weight. In fact, this morning showed my back in the 130's. Now, I am not a fat cow that eats a freakin cake then scratches my head saying "I don't know why I gained must me water weight." I am not a fan of those that blame everything on water weight and can't take accountability for overeating or not working out. But in my case, to have a 4 lbs gain overnight when I didn't eat anything more than usual and the fact that I am cramping like a MF'er...I think it is water weight. I wish TOM would just get here so I can get on with life! I've never noticed a weight gain during that time. But with all of the cramping, I KNOW it's about to happen. So I am paying a little more attention now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm back

Wow, 11 days without a post...most be torture for you. So sorry!

Okay, I am back. The last week or so has been hectic.

It started with a "tornado" that hit a neighboring town. Officially, it wasn't a tornado. It was 90 mile per hr winds. But some people did see a funnel. Anyway, most of the town was without power. (This is where I work btw). So on a Friday night we had our friend Von sleep over. Then Saturday-Sunday we had our friends Nick and Jill and their daughter, and Von, sleep over again. Oh yeah, that Saturday, I got Hanna and Hailey, so we had 9 people in the house. Then Von ended up staying until like Wednesday because he had no power for that long. Then we just had one thing after the other going on. So, I haven't been following ANYTHING. I haven't been eating poorly, but I haven't eaten like I should. And workouts weren't happening. One day I forgot my clothes, the next day Mackenzie got sick, the next day the gym was shut down, the list goes on and on.

The good news of ALL of this is that my weight is still 127. WOO-HOO. Granted, I should've been 119 by this point. But I am not. Okay, moving on. My goal is to focus on this next month. I'm now dwelling on the past. I am looking to the future. I am certain it will be filled with challenges (I know it will) but I am dedicated to making it work. In fact, I am looking forward to it.

I am going to eat Korean food today. I SHOULD get on track today, but I haven't been grocery shopping. Must do that today.

Gotta go clean the kitchen. Sorry I've been away. When you have company, it's hard to do things you normally would (like workout at's just too weird to have people watching).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Topic of the Day

I was going to post the next few posts about my favorite blogs. I wanted to let all of you know about my favorites. I don't have time for that tonight, so I will get to it tomorrow.

Mackenzie was up all last night screaming. She's teething. Poor baby. I was giving her tylenol and teething tablets but nothing was helping. I got up this morning and she was still screaming so I went in to work when she stopped. I was only there for about an hour or so then I got her from daycare and went home. She's still screaming so I am afraid I will have to miss tomorrow too. Ugggg...I hate missing work, considering my position. But if Clint misses work, we lose $$ as he doesn't get leave.

So, yesterday I DID not go to the gym as I spent lunch at the post office. I HATE going to the post office but I HAD to mail off some books I sold on Amazon. So I was going after work. Didn't happen. I needed to talk to my boss about something that was due but when he came on, others started talking to him. I didn't get out of there until 5:15, then I had to go back to do something (had to get the baby). So no gym. Could've tried to work out at home but Clint had to go to bed early so he was whining that I wasn't spending time with him. Then Mackenzie was screaming, so no workout. Then of course today there was no gym time and I came home and took a nap. Yep, I slept all afternoon. Then we had (still have) company. So, no working out.

I HATE this. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I am drinking my water though and I am eating okay. Tomorrow I will be back on plan and will have a kick booty time at the gym at lunch and after work (assuming Mackenzie gets better overnight...the daycare won't keep her if she's whiny). I DO have to go back to the post office, but I will just go during work hours. How about that?

That's it. Stay tuned tomorrow!