Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween!

Happy Halloween.

I have so much to blog and so little time. I have a Vlog to post but haven't tried to upload just yet. You can probably catch it tomorrow because it takes hours to upload.

I am dressed up as a pirate today. I will get pics later. I am taking Mackenzie out trick or treating later. She's a pumpkin. This is her 1st Halloween. Well, last year was her 1st, but we didn't take her out although I had an ADORABLE lamb costume. Alright, Blogger didn't place it where I wanted. You will see it above. Stay tuned for her pumpkin pics.
I saw my dr. about weight issues and why I am not losing and she suggested a thyroid problem. I thought she tested my thyroid when she did some lab work a few months ago. I was tested in the past and I was fine, but here we go again. I had to get back to work yesterday and didn't make it in then I went to the lab today at 4:30. They're open until 5:00. They told me that the carrier comes at 4:15 everyday so I would have to come back Monday. WHY ARE YOU OPEN UNTIL 5:00??????
So we will see what happens with that. On the one hand, I don't want anything to be wrong with me. Then on the other, I think it would be great to have a medical explanation for the weight. She assured me it wasn't the IUD.
We are going out of town this weekend. I am going to take a nap. Then I have to get the baby dressed, take her out, pack for this weekend, get diesel in the car. Fun stuff I need to do. But I am exhausted. And a headache is coming on. GRRRRRRRRR......

Monday, October 27, 2008

I am not meant to VLOG. @*$&

This is like my 2nd try. I am not having much luck with this. This is the THIRD time it has gone up. Lets see if it works!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Sherry facts

Before I start with my random Sherry facts, I need to anyone up at 5am? If so, I could desperately use a phone call.

Okay, here's some random Sherry facts.

  • I can not stand for my hair to touch me. Usually, my hair will end up in a pony tail before the days is over. Then I will let it down again because it makes my head hurt. Then up again because it's touching me.
  • When I was younger, I had fine, thin hair--straight as a board. Around 15, I discovered curls underneath. Then as I got older I was told I had a lot of hair. A few years ago it started to go wavy up top. I think it had something to do with pregnancy because I swear they're disappearing each time I get it cut. The thing is, I have like 3 heads of hair. By no means is it thick. I just have a lot. I have to have it thinned each time I go in.
  • I just got a new flat iron and let me tell you, it rocks. Because it would take about an hour's worth of straightening and a lot of hairspray to keep it straight. Seriously, I could do one side and it would be straight as a board, move to the other side, then the one side would curl???
  • I eat out of plastic bowls--like tupper wear containers. Not sure why. I think because they don't retain heat like glass bowls.
  • I prefer to eat out of bowls over plates. I will throw all of my food in a bowl--well, plastic container.
  • I only drink coffee from plastic coffee mugs
  • I either like my food boiling hot or straight from the fridge cold. There's no in-between. Clint doesn't understand how I can eat my food that hot. Especially soup.
  • I like soup.
  • I love the gazelle my mom got me from a garage sale for 15 bucks! This thing is bad ass. I was on it for an hr and it really didn't feel like it, but my legs will be sore tomorrow. I plan on getting up at 5am to use EVERYDAY. Well, not on weekends. I mean, I won't get up that early.
  • I like pale lipstick--if I wear any. Like a light, frosty pink or a nude, neutral color. My FAVORITE was Spite by Mac. I think they stopped making it. Or the last time I checked they did. Actually, I don't wear lipstick. I wear lip gloss. I have branched out and bought two new colors. They actually have color. One's a red but I HAVE to blot it because I hate the color.
  • I like frogs. Not real ones.
  • I hate hoods on anything other than hoodies or jackets. Yet, I just bought two sweaters with hoods because they looked good on me.
  • I don't like being tickled.
  • I hate doing dishes.
  • The kids Christmas gifts was solved. Or mostly. We got them Guitar Hero World Tour. Now then can sing and play the drums and guitar. It's going to be too cold for a trampoline.
  • When I workout and I want to vomit, I know I am doing a damn good job.
  • I am super excited about Rockford. I am driving all the way from Oklahoma. I can get a hotel for 2 nights, rental car, and round trip tickets (2) for like $600. Not too bad. Then again, I can drive up there and get a hotel for 2 nights for about $360. My husband wants to go even though he has no interest in this stuff. Guess he doesn't want to feel left out. That's ok, we will have fun.
  • I love Kelly O's arms, and Cynthia's abs. I need some legs to love. If you have great legs, let me know, post a pic on your blog, e-mail me a pic. let me want your legs.

Alright, I better go. If I am getting up at 5am, I better go to bed. I took a muscle relaxer because my legs have been feeling funny lately when I go to bed. It's not restless leg either. Not sure what it is. I'm just waiting for it to kick in.

Happy Sunday

What a productive day I tell ya. I slept in until 9:45, made coffee, then breakfast--egg white omelet and Kashi Strawberry Fields. I ate, watched Kelly O's videos, did an hour on the Gazelle, and read some blogs. And it's only 1:00. I am going to throw some clothes in the wash and take a bath. Wait, I am going to eat meal #2--probably turkey meatloaf and green beans. After that I have some homework to do and I have meals to make. Good times. Tonight/this evening I will do some more cardio and weights.

Now, here's some random things for you.

Isn't it funny how fast you can blow through $$. I spent $600 yesterday. I got 2 kids birthday presents--(clothes), I got Clint 4 shirts and 2 pair of jeans, I got myself 6 tops and 2 pair of yoga pants, I got Mackenzie 1 outfit, I got a heater, I bought lunch, I put gas in the car, and I got some autoparts that Clint needed because he's helping this man with his car. I will get back about $60 when I return two of the loaner tools and another $30+ when I return Clint's jeans (JCP has a buy 1 get 1 $.88 sale)But still...that means I spent about $500 on us yesterday. YIKES. I am considering returning the stuff. Then I look at the other side. Clint DOES need clothes. I DO need clothes. The two kids DO need birthday gifts. And let me tell ya, some of you might frown and think "Ewww, clothes for a kids birthday, that's no fun" but let me tell you, they have way too many toys they don't even play with. This year I am not worried about toys. I plan on getting them a joint gift for Christmas. Wait, I will tell you about that in a minute. Back to the $$. I can't believe I spent so much. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....

Ok, Christmas and birthdays. In the one month span from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I have 3 kids birthdays, 1 husbands birthday, and 4 kids to buy Christmas presents for. Even if I limited it to $100 per person, per event, that's $800. I think that's insane. Is it necessary? Seriously, I hate Christmas time. HATE it. People expect to see a ton of presents under the tree. That means more $$ to spend. Now, I can get a trampoline at Sams for $219..and that's a big one. With tax, it will be closer to $300 and that would be basically equivalent to $100 per kids (the 3 older kids). Should I go that route or get the 3 older kids separate presents. In all honestly, you can't get many individual presents for $100. A good doll costs about $25. 4 dolls for Christmas? That's it? Are you kidding me???? What fun is that? So, I am looking for the most cost effective way to please the kids. Any suggestions?

Lets move on to birthday parties. My oldest 2 live with their dad. My step daughter lives with her mom. For Hailey (#2), we attended her party down in Bronte at the pool down there. I didn't have a 2nd party for her. Hanna's (#1) party is on the 22nd. Uggg...I'm in Rockford. I am getting her the next weekend, so I don't really want to go down there back to back weekends because it can get expensive and a 4 hour (1-way) drive with a baby isn't fun. I thought about having a party for her up here. Then it hit me and I said no I won't. If I have a 2nd party for her, that means I have to have a 2nd party for my step-daughter because we will NOT be in attendance at her mothers house. Hailey only had 1 party. Mackenzie's only having one party. Do the other kids REALLY need 2 parties? Can't we celebrate and open gifts without a party? Thoughts? Even for you without kids, please, chime in.

So, Rockford is like 27 or 28 days away. I am flippin excited. I am sitting here choking down the green beans and turkey meatloaf. It's hard but it's worth it. I won't have Kelly O's muscles and I won't even begin to compare myself to the divas on stage, but I will look presentable. You bet I will!

Enjoy whats left of your weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I wonder

If I can update this with my blackberry. If I can, watch out, we're in trouble!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Okay, Okay

I am alive and well...have no fear!

Lets see, what's been going on? Well, as you know, I had a massive headache, then I was suffering from a stomach ailment. I finally recovered from that. My in-laws came in to town over the weekend and brought my step daughter. Didn't do anything exciting. We went to town, that was about it. I did start reading a new book. I am reading "Wicked" and it's a good book. After "Wicked" I am going to read "Twilight." After "Twilight" I am going to read "Son of a Witch" then hopefully I will continue the "Twilight" series. Oh, I need to read the 3rd book in the "Wicked" series as well.

Well, let me talk about reading a minute. I never really read much. The first book I read on my own was "Interview with a Vampire." After that, I would have to say it was "The DaVanic Code." No, wait, it was "He's Just Not That Into You." I mean, I read books in school because I had to. Those were the first I read on my own. Anyway, I bought "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown (DaVinci Code) but didn't read much of it. I started "The DaVinci Code" numerous times before I ever caught on to it. I thought that might happen with A & D but it didn't. After that I read "The Devil Wears Prada."MUCH better than the movie. I fell in love with all of the Harry Potter books. I still have 2 left. So, I ventured out to read the current books. I have a book case full of books, just haven't got around to reading them. I rented these from the library instead of buying. GO ME!!!

Ok, back to workout and diet! I made all of my food last night. Packed and ready to go. Woo-Hoo. Then I go to work and notice that my workout clothes aren't there. Crap. I KNOW I got them out of the Expedition and I KNOW I brought them into work. I guess I took them home with me. I use to leave EVERYTHING in my Expedition but I leave NOTHING in the Jetta. NOTHING. So when I would've normally just went to the vehicle to retrieve it, I knew that wouldn't work. I was going to go buy some workout clothes, but I went to buy my baby some winter clothes when this man told me the high was going to be in the 50's this week. That wasn't true. Nevertheless she needed new clothes. Then once I got back I had to deal with some Mackenzie issues and ended up leaving work basically for the rest of the afternoon.

I've been bad and I haven't worked out this evening. A friend came by with his kids and I made them dinner, even though I already had dinner made. I don't think chili would have been good to them. I hung out with them for a bit, then I went next door for a bath (don't ask). Now I am waiting for Mackenzie to finish eating so I can go bathe her. Sigh. I haven't even read tonight.

Ok, I am going to steal something from Kelly O. She lists things she likes and dislikes and I have decided to share.
=Tops with hoods. Can't stand them. Hoodies are okay--like the sweatshirt ones--but that's it
=Eyes that are itchy. I have cleaned my contact and used allergy drops, but they still itch
=Not having how water. Don't ask.

Things I heart:
=My new Jetta. TDI. Vroom Vroom and 40+ MPG! Even with Diesel being higher than gas, I bet I still pay less than you for fuel.
=My wireless internet. I love the fact that I am sitting on my couch typing this.
=Frozen fruit. OMG the cherries are so good!

Alright, that's all I have. I am sleepy but Mackenzie is taking her time eating. Savoring it....

Monday, October 13, 2008


I made the best oatmeal yesterday. I am trying to mimic it today.
You make your oatmeal as you normally would. but in the end you put a sprinkle of cinnamon and 1 packet of french vanilla splenda--the new coffee kind that are meant to sweeten coffee. YUM. It *was* a little sweet for me, so I only added in about 1/2 packet. That wasn't sweet enough. So I added a little more. It's good stuff!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mental Issues

I am headache free. I am not vomiting. I am almost back to normal.

The thing is, today I am feeling more like myself. Yet I am so scared to really eat. I started off eating on plan but I swapped over to some soup. I didn't want to fill my tummy up with heavy stuff just in case I got sick again. At the same time, I did want some regular food to test the waters.

but I feel SO guilty. I ate egg whites, oatmeal, and cauliflower and felt fine. I was drinking some Powerade for hydration. I ran in the store to get Clint some soup and I bought myself some too. From that moment I felt guilty. I felt like I was cheating. I headed to the frozen veggie so I could throw in some mixed veggies to my noodle soup (always do that). I felt guilty. I was tempted so many times to put the stuff down. One side of me head was telling me I was cheating, put it up. The other side said it was okay, I had been sick, and I need to ease back into regular food slowly. I was torn. I caved in to the bad side. I felt bad the whole way home, the entire time I was cooking it, and every second I ate it.

I mean, I held down breakfast and I held down the soup and I feel fine, physically. I just feel like I some how cheated and ate a cheesecake---a BIG one. Was eating soup REALLY that bad? I really didn't want anything heavy. I detest throwing up. Sure, I did have solid food earlier but what if I got sick again? On the other hand, I haven't been sick since Friday night, so I AM cheating. Sigh.

There you have it. I have mental issues. Serious ones. I cheated with soup to make sure I was over the tummy bug. Shoot me.

Oh---I don't know that my headaches were migraines. Some were, yes. But some weren't. The migraines meds knocked out the migraines, then something else would come back. I think I was suffering from cluster headaches. I think the chiropractor helped. The last time I remember it happening this bad, I had to take Tylenol 3 and get a massage. That was like 7 years ago.

have a great weekend everyone. I am going to try to do some cardio tonight. Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

So I was thinking

I was reading someones blog and she said her co-workers were getting sick but she thinks she's fending it off. She said that one thing she hates is when something thinks they're getting sick/are sick and they use that as an excuse to not workout/eat right.

You know, I do agree with her. There are people out there that will sneeze and will use that as an excuse to eat poorly, to not workout, to lounge around. I don't like petty excuses.


I've been there. I am here. This is not petty.

When your head hurts so badly that a narcotic won't take it away, you really don't care about working out. You really don't care if you eat broccoli or ice cream because all you want to do is die. When you can feel the blood pumping through the veins in your head and you think about working out and how the blood will be flowing that much faster, it makes you want to vomit so I am pretty sure you don't need to be working out. When you have to spend hours laying down with the lights turned out, your last thought is eating right or getting up to workout. When you are dealing with this for a week, you don't want to do anything except make this damn thing go away. When you have to make 2 trips to the doctor and 2 more trips to the chiropractor, you couldn't care less about doing what you're supposed to do. Call it a prime opportunity to cheat. Maybe I am not as hard core as others. But when I am sick, when I am truly sick, I don't want to workout. I did do my best to eat clean. But I wasn't perfect.

Oh wait, you want more. It gets better. When you're in a Jetta, about 2 hours from home, and you're in a rush to get to the daycare before it closes to get your daughter, and you suddenly vomit into a grocery bad because there is no time to pull over, I don't think you want to workout...or eat anything. When you spend the night on the couch curled up and you take one last visit to the porcelain throne before you hit the sack, I don't think there IS time to workout. Oh, and I am using today as an excuse too. I am dehydrated. I feel weak and my head hurts. At this point in my life, I would rather be fat then workout.

So yeah, I am and have been THAT sick that I don't want to workout. The powerade I am drinking and the soup I am eating doesn't fall into the meal plan. The laying on the couch doesn't count as working out. But when you feel this bad, you just don't care...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dear Headache

Dear Headache,

Please go away. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you like you me so much that you've stayed with me for a week. That's quite kind of you. But if I may be honest with you, I am quite tired of this. I am not quite sure how to to get rid of you. I have eaten good food and bad food, drank more water, had more caffeine, got plenty of sleep, taken tylenol, Relpax, and Midrin. NOTHING had helped. I just took lortab to see if that would get rid of you, but I have a feeling it won't. The last time this happened, I was pregnant with Hailey--about 7 years ago, and I sat on the couch watching TV all weekend long. It took Tylenol with codeine and a massage to get rid of you. Are you conspiring with my body? Does my body want a massage so it's using you to get one? Fine, whatever, I can get a damn massage if that will make you go away. I am going to see my doctor in the morning so that she can prescribe some medicine to get rid of you. Initially I thought you were in cahoots with TOM and wanted to make me miserable, but you're still lingering when he's gone. HMMM...what did I ever do to you? WAIT..I KNOW. You're conspiring with my fat cells. You know that when my head hurts so bad that I lay on the couch for 2 hours in the dark instead of working out, I will stay fat. You also know that it's going to make me look like a moron to all of my blogger friends because yesterday I was bragging that I will work out even if I am dying. You just had to make me look like a fool. You know that when the blood starts pumping through my veins it's going to make my head hurt that much worse. You were wanting that weren't you. You enjoy putting me in a corner--let's make her head hurt so bad that she ends up in the ER or lets make her look like an idiot in front of everyone. Let's make her look like a failure. Well I am on to you and these fat cells. I know you think they're doing me a favor--if I did workout and had to go to the ER for a killer headache, I'd blow $100 on the visit then I wouldn't be able to go to Rockford, hence, I wouldn't be making a fool of myself. I wouldn't be a whale surrounded by all those Diva's. I appreciate your and my fat's sincerity, but you know two need to F*@K OFF. I CAN do this. I WILL DO THIS. I AM going to see Kelly, Tina, Stacey, Angela, April, and Evelyne (cough cough, hint hint). If I have to hitchhike there I will be there. If I have to do 3 hours of cardio a day, I will look good there. But, you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to leave so I can do what I need to do. I know you love me. I know you love hanging out with me, but it's time for you to go. I need to move on with my life.


P.S. HAHAHAHAHA--I ate on plan today. Didn't cheat once! Didn't have any of that yummy dessert at my bosses birthday bash. Take that headache!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is it 48 or 47????

Tina, Stacey, Angela, and April are counting down the days until their comp. I am counting down the days until their comp. In case you've not been paying attention, Kelly O and I plan on being there! So that means I have 48 or 47 days to get "audience ready." (They're stage ready/I'm audience ready). I understand that the 4 of them are going to look like 4 bad asses that day and I could never compare, but I still don't want to look like a fat cow. MOOOOOOOOOOOO. I think I have 47 days but this date counter I always use is saying 48. HMMMMMM....I think it's wrong. Regardless, I need to get my butt in gear. NO playing around. I WILL drink all of my water. Every meal will be on plan. I WILL work out 6 days a week. I WILL get in extra cardio. I WILL be smoking hot!!!

I fell off the wagon this week. I didn't gain weight. I had an awful headache part of the week. I started TOM and I just felt awful. In addition to the bad headaches (which btw I have one now and it won't go away...4 Tylenol and a Relpax isn't helping....) I was dead tired. I was exhausted. Not sure if it was due to TOM or what. Then my mom came in to town and I spent all day in the car Friday and today getting/taking girls home. I spent half the day yesterday having a garage sale and the other half shopping. My life is back to normal now. Thank God. Hey, my mom bought me a Gazelle for $15. I HATE my Elliptical. I hope I like this better. I know...I watch 2 shows a week--House and Entourage. I will only watch them if I am on the Gazelle.

That's all I have. I am back on track. I promise. I don't care if I am sick as a dog next week, I will be working out. NOTHING will stop me. NOTHING.