Tuesday, April 2, 2013



I am not MIA. They say March rolls in like a lion and out like a lamb. Well March had the potential to be a great month. The last days of February were GREAT. Then as March rolled in subtle things started happening and it all rolled downhill like a giant snowball. It didn't roll out like a lamb, it rolled out like a freight train! So far April is okay. Not as bad as March. But okay.

So April...ahhh...well I got in half an hour on the cybex today. Didn't get to the gym yesterday. I REALLY wanted to go an entire month with daily workouts but I missed yesterday. Then a light bulb came on! I can work out 31 times this month. Brilliant. Ya got to have goals!

This morning I had an odd thought: my scale hit 100.0 a month or so ago. I've put on a few pounds since then. I was reallllyyyy thin at 100 lbs. my thought was why didn't drop below 100? Why did I hit that number then say okay, I'm good? Why not say hey I got below 100? That's something I will never answer. Even at my height it's not a healthy weight. And I don't anticipate seeing the scale go down anytime soon. And when it does go down it will never get that low again. Anyway...I just had that random thought of weighing below 100lbs this am. Hell, I don't even know why I dropped to 100...because it was an even number, just to prove I could??? Who knows...

As I mentioned before I gained weight...not intentionally but I can't say it wasn't. The scale climbed to 110. Gasp. I wasn't trying to gain weight but I didn't prevent it. I knew I was too thin. I will say this though: putting on some tiny little pants that fell off that now fit is a weird sensation. Thankfully I am rational and tell myself "just because its not falling off of you doesn't mean you're fat." We tend to think its a bad thing to gain weight, we cringe when the scale goes up, we freak out when our pants are too tight. Well lemme tell ya, when you're 33 and little girls size 14 pants are a little big on ya, ya got issues. So I'm not worried about my scale moving up some. I'm not worried about little girl pants NOT falling off.

That's all I have. Time to cook dinner and feed my face:) I'm loving beets right now as well as fresh tomatoes, mozzerella, and pesto. Yum!

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