Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Topic of the Day

I was going to post the next few posts about my favorite blogs. I wanted to let all of you know about my favorites. I don't have time for that tonight, so I will get to it tomorrow.

Mackenzie was up all last night screaming. She's teething. Poor baby. I was giving her tylenol and teething tablets but nothing was helping. I got up this morning and she was still screaming so I went in to work when she stopped. I was only there for about an hour or so then I got her from daycare and went home. She's still screaming so I am afraid I will have to miss tomorrow too. Ugggg...I hate missing work, considering my position. But if Clint misses work, we lose $$ as he doesn't get leave.

So, yesterday I DID not go to the gym as I spent lunch at the post office. I HATE going to the post office but I HAD to mail off some books I sold on Amazon. So I was going after work. Didn't happen. I needed to talk to my boss about something that was due but when he came on, others started talking to him. I didn't get out of there until 5:15, then I had to go back to do something (had to get the baby). So no gym. Could've tried to work out at home but Clint had to go to bed early so he was whining that I wasn't spending time with him. Then Mackenzie was screaming, so no workout. Then of course today there was no gym time and I came home and took a nap. Yep, I slept all afternoon. Then we had (still have) company. So, no working out.

I HATE this. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I am drinking my water though and I am eating okay. Tomorrow I will be back on plan and will have a kick booty time at the gym at lunch and after work (assuming Mackenzie gets better overnight...the daycare won't keep her if she's whiny). I DO have to go back to the post office, but I will just go during work hours. How about that?

That's it. Stay tuned tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Teething it's been a LONG time since I've been through that. Wish I had some good advice for you. Glad you got a nap, I'm sure you needed that more than going to the gym (probably more physically than mentally). Don't beat yourself up, you can't survive on no sleep and you have to take care of your baby. I'm sending ~~~soothing teething~~~ vibes Mackenzie's way.

Tiffany said...

Shit I keep messing up my damn comments. LOL Anyway have you tried teething rings? That was the only thing that helped Austin. And e-mail me about what all is involved with Amazon. And have you ever tried e-bay?

Tina said...

Oh gosh I so have had those days!!! You're doing great though...just don't let one slide lead to the next...when you feel that happening, call Tony...don't wait. But a slide here and there, as long as you can pop back on is normal...nobodies perfect, shit happens...and husbands are so needy aren't they...LMAO...seriously...I swear if we were sitting on the couch eating bonbons they wouldn't need us, but the minute we do something good for's like "What about me, me, me, me..." GRRRRR...I have one of those at home too...I guess the only answer is sometimes you have to give, sometimes you have to take!! And by take....stomp on the ground and say me, me, me, girlz need to do that more :) Thinking about you, don't fret, you'll get to that goal, just keep that vision're doing awesome!! Oh I can't wait for progress exciting...I know it's on the horizon, I can feel it!!

KatieFeldmom said...

Hope Mackenzie is feeling better. As for missing workouts, just know that food is the most important, so if you're doing good in that arena, then you should be okay.