Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm back

Wow, 11 days without a post...most be torture for you. So sorry!

Okay, I am back. The last week or so has been hectic.

It started with a "tornado" that hit a neighboring town. Officially, it wasn't a tornado. It was 90 mile per hr winds. But some people did see a funnel. Anyway, most of the town was without power. (This is where I work btw). So on a Friday night we had our friend Von sleep over. Then Saturday-Sunday we had our friends Nick and Jill and their daughter, and Von, sleep over again. Oh yeah, that Saturday, I got Hanna and Hailey, so we had 9 people in the house. Then Von ended up staying until like Wednesday because he had no power for that long. Then we just had one thing after the other going on. So, I haven't been following ANYTHING. I haven't been eating poorly, but I haven't eaten like I should. And workouts weren't happening. One day I forgot my clothes, the next day Mackenzie got sick, the next day the gym was shut down, the list goes on and on.

The good news of ALL of this is that my weight is still 127. WOO-HOO. Granted, I should've been 119 by this point. But I am not. Okay, moving on. My goal is to focus on this next month. I'm now dwelling on the past. I am looking to the future. I am certain it will be filled with challenges (I know it will) but I am dedicated to making it work. In fact, I am looking forward to it.

I am going to eat Korean food today. I SHOULD get on track today, but I haven't been grocery shopping. Must do that today.

Gotta go clean the kitchen. Sorry I've been away. When you have company, it's hard to do things you normally would (like workout at's just too weird to have people watching).


Anonymous said...

So, woman, did you et your shopping done? Are you back on track? Let us know! Don't keep us hangin' here!

Laurie said...

Good karma headed your way. You are a wonderful person to open your home like that. Sometimes you just have to decide what's more important and go with it. Our health and fitness is important but it's not everything.