Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last day off

I've had 4 days off. Nice. too bad this is my last one. You know you really don't like your job when you get a knot in your stomach the day before you have to go to work. This ALWAYS happens. My job is pretty easy, but I am getting more and more piled up on me and I don't like that. I so need a vacation! We did take Mackenzie to daycare yesterday while Clint has some blood work drawn and we just left her there for the day because she was sleeping when it was time to get her. So I came home and took a nap. It was the first in a long time and it was awesome! I tried to take one a little while ago but Clint called and woke me and once I get woke up, I have a hard time falling asleep again.

So Clint is hypoglycemic. He needs to eat 5 times a day--high protein, low carb--or should I say, he needs good carbs. It's no wonder he's that way. This morning he ate like 1/2 a bag of M&M's in one sitting. Anyway, my grocery bill is going to go up, but it's going to be so much easier staying on track with both of us eating that way. Of course, with him I do have some flexibility--I will feed him bread--whole wheat bread--pasta--whole wheat pasta--and rice--brown rice. But not much. I am going to try to make this a good experience for him. If I had him eating tuna and green beans all the time, he would hate life in 2 days. So I need to be adventurous, but in a healthy way. Tonight is going to be black-eye pea salad--brown rice, butternut squash, blackeyes. YUM. It's from the Clean Eating Magazine site. but wait--that's not high in protein. That's why I have fish, turkey, chicken, and beef thawing!!!

I really need to get off my booty and workout. I am pretty darn tired. Somehow I think that by sitting here, I will suddenly be full of energy. It never happens that way does it?

I suppose I am going to get off of here. I will leave you with 7 random facts about me. I am not going to tag anyone because everyone I would want to tag has already been tagged.

1-I am deathly afraid of mice. When I was little, my brothers told me the red light on my aunt's fire alarm was a big rat watching me and he was going to come get me. Clint thinks it's stupid that I am so afraid. He doesn't understand. Of course, if it doesn't happen to him, he never understands.
2-I need like 9 hours of sleep. Again, another thing Clint doesn't understand. Because he can thrive on 6 hours of sleep, he thinks everyone should.
3-I don't like peanut butter.
4-I like to boil eggs then put them in pickle juice.
5-I really don't like eggs
6-I don't like the taste of meat. I have to use something to cover up the taste--ketchup, mustard, steak sauce, hot sauce, salsa, etc.
7-The labels on my canned goods have to face the right way. If not, I get the creepy crawlies.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting things about you. Why is it that men don't get it unless it happens to them? DUH.

Sorry to hear about Clint. Hope that it all works out and he can stick to eating healthier with you. My Hubby JUST got his taste and smell back just this past Friday. He hadn't been able to taste or smell for about 2 years since he fell off a roof onto his head onto concrete. But, it just came back, so now he's loading the house with crap! Yeah, who hasn't been eating healthy? That would be me. Gotta get back on track. LOVE YA GIRL!