Saturday, November 8, 2008


Happy Saturday. I have been sitting at the computer for an hour or so and I decided to get off to go do something else but then I forced myself to come over here to blog. I haven't been blogging lately because I really didn't have anything to blog about. But now that I am typing, things are starting to come to mind.

I am off until Wednesday. The base Commander gave the military a day off for going 97 days DUI free, so I got to take a day of leave. They really don't want civilians there unsupervised. Then Tuesday is Veterans Day so I am off for that. I did bring some work home because I have been swamped at work and I can't seem to get ahead. I feel like i am drowning. I got a job offer in Guam, but Clint doesn't want to live on a tiny island. For me it's perfect because A--I did this job while I was in the Air Force and I loved it B--I know the person that's hiring. In fact, I use to work with her here and she I would be working under her there. She wanted me to work directly for her before, but I couldn't. C--I know 2 other people over there. But no, Clint didn't want to go. Of course, there were other issues I would've had to work out, but since he said no, there's no use dealing with them. Anyway, I want a new job because I am struggling. So to help me out, I am going to do some work from here and go in on Monday for a few hours to catch up.

I am on my last book in the Twilight series. Yay! I've kind of been devoted to those the last week or so. I started reading book one a week ago. 4 books in a week is a record for me. I don't think I am going to go back to the Wicked series just yet because there's so many other things I need to focus on.

What else should I focus on? For starters, cleaning my house and laundry. Before I go read, I need to put a load of clothes and dishes in to wash. I also need to get caught up with some school work for myself, then some school work for Clint (I'm helping him study, but I have to grasp it first. It's just psychology so I am merely refreshing my memory). I also want to get a Masters and would like to get back to school in January. The problem is that I don't want to go to class. The nearest school is 70 miles away. The only online program from that college is the MBA. Not my cup of tea. Been there, done that, it sucks. They have a Masters in Science in Behavioral Science in Psychology, but they only offer 1 class online per semester. I've looked at University of Phoenix and Kaplan, but nothing appeals to me. The MPA isn't so bad, but I'm really not interested. I could do an advanced degree from OU, but I think I owe them money. I'm not sure though. So, I need to find a college with a degree that interests me. I'm not sure why I am fooling myself--the only thing that interests me is law school. But that's TOO far away, geographically. If I quit once before because I was 70 miles away, I don't think 200 miles away would work out well.

My eating has been fine. I will start working out again this week. I tell ya, the Gazelle is the greatest piece of cardio equipment I have ever been on.

I'll write more later.


Kelly Olexa said...

Can you do law school online?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you didn't have anything to write about..... :)

Wish you luck on figuring out the school thing. I NEED to go back to school myself, but just wouldn't be able to handle it just now.

Wow, too bad Guam is out of the picture if it would've been something you would've liked.

I've read 3 of the Twilight books and have the 4th, but haven't started it yet. I've gone back to rereading (is that even a word?) the first one since my girls and I are seeing the movie on the 21st.

Love ya girl, hang in there, everything has a way of working out.

Jessica said...


CONGRATS on your weigh in today! Wonderful! :) And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Twilight four will fly by! :) You will LOVE it.


Kelly Olexa said...