Sunday, February 1, 2009


It's February. I can't believe it's February.

My goal in January was to write down what I ate everyday of the month. Granted, I didn't write it when I wrote it, but I did write it. I need to write down the last two days then I am finished. I *did* mess up one day. I thought the current date was the 28th, so I backtracked to the 26th and realized it was the 29th. I wasn't going to tear the pages out or scratch through the entries. I have about 100 food journals and if I mess something up, I usually get a new one. If I miss a day, I get a new one. It's insane, I know.

So now that it's February, what am I going to do? I am definitely going to write what I eat. But shouldn't I take it up a notch? Shouldn't I add to it? Not necessarily add to my food journal but add to my "goals?" Considering I only messed up one day, I would say I am at a 95% success rate. So what's next? What can I do for February that I will stick to?

I've decided to revert to "old ways" this month. I am going back to chicken, fish, turkey, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, etc. I am going back to working out 6 days a week. No, I am not hiring a trainer. Instead, I am utilizing the knowledge I gained from my time with a trainer and I am going to do it on my own. This month will be full of meal planning. This month will be full of gallons of water. This month will be full of myoplex lite. This month will be full of packing my food everywhere. I've enjoyed the past few months eating what I want when I want. I've lost weight too. But I want to change it up a little and try something "different."

So far this month I have:
  • Ate egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast
  • Did 60 mins of cardio
  • Ate tuna, 1/2 sweet potato, and small salad
  • Did triceps and bicep workout
  • Drank myoplex lite with glutamine
  • Cooked a beef roast, 3 pieces tilapia, 3 sweet potatoes, 7 chicken breasts, 8 turkey burgers and I am marinating 2 steaks
  • Drank 1/2 gallon of water
  • Made countless trips to the bathroom
  • Took my multivitamin and 2 flax, Fish, and Borage Capsules

I'd say February is off to a good start.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a terrific start to me!!! Yeah, girl, kick some booty! Whoo-hoo!!

Kelly Olexa said...

HECK yea it is!! You go girl!!