Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am trying to figure out how to blog on a droid. Good luck with this huh!

So the countdown is on. I'm tired of being gat. My blog should be titled fatbabiesfatmomma. I've not lost any weight and that's not cool. At. All. Boo.

So I'm setting a goal: baby will be 1 in November and I refuse to NOT have the weight off. 4 months. 30 lbs. Totally. Doable. There no need to put it off because its a holiday weekend. Too many people use holidays, get togethers, event to put off fitness. I ate like crap because of so and so's BBQ. STOP the excuses. If you keep filling your mouth with calories that aren't needed and you workout, then you might get in shape. I'm going to use my words of wisdom to my advantage!

4 months. 30lbs. A little over 7 lbs a month. Game. Freaking. On. Baby!

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Kelly Olexa said...

Get Food poisoning like me. It helps!! hahaha