Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 1: Take 25

Here I go again peeps. I feel like a broken record here someday but that for the birds. I've come to realize something recently. You can't change someone. Only they can change themselves and they have to WANT to change. The same goes for each of us. We can talk about changing all day long, but until we truly want it, its not going to happen. And sometimes you have to make sacrifices for that to happen. Sometimes it means giving up one thing for something else. You have to figure out what's more important. Can you have both in your life or is one stopping the other from happening? At the end of the day, which means the most to you? I want to be thin. But I love food. Of course I have to eat but do I have to eat stuff that might taste like heaven but is hell on the body? Can I have both in my life? Nope. Cheesecake is not going to allow me to be thin. So I have to cut one out of my life. I can keep the cheesecake but I will not get the weight off. Or I can give it up and get thin. Which is more important? Am I truly ready to give it up? Is getting thin what I truly want? Do I want it bad enough to make those sacrifices?

You better bet I do. And nothings going to stop me.

I might cling to cheesecake, then one day, thin might be gone. I might gain and gain and gain and when I realize the cheesecake wasn't worth it, thindom might be long gone. Baby, no freakin way am I gonna lose this one. Bye bye cheesecake. You weren't so great afterall. I know what's important to me. I know there's no room for both in my life. That choice was easy. Stay tuned as I work my big ol booty off. By the time November gets here, Ill be saying "cheesecake who?" as I rock a new body. I define me. Cheesecake doesn't.

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