Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday

My blogging hiatus is over. Here I go again. My life is going so well right now, I better keep it going by jotting some of it down. I am back in the groove at the gym again. Even when I'm feeling tired and sluggish, I still make myself go. I am shooting for Monday thru Friday workouts. I did skip the gym today because I had alternate lunch plans. Sometimes taking time for yourself and smiling is just as important as working out. But have no fear, I have a treadmill, mini trampoline, trampoline, bicycle, and punching bag at home. Let's not forget P90X and the other videos I have. So I have NO reason to skip the workout. I had the play, now its time for the work!

I had my first real leg workout last Friday. Holy hell my legs are still sore. DOMS, I love you! I plan on incorporating weights into my life again. Ill probably just work my abs tonight in addition to the cardio. Tomorrow might be arms, who knows! I just know I want 5 days of cardio and weights. I will probably do yoga or pilates on Saturday and rest on Sunday. Fact is, I have no excuse to be fat. 2 gyms that cost me nothing plus a mini gym at home. NO EXCUSES.

So there's my synopsis. Dinner is about to be on the stove (chicken salad) and I will be on my way to the treadmill soon. Nothing is gonna stop me now!

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