Sunday, June 13, 2010

Focus. Or is it RE-Focus?

Sorry for the lapse in posts. Life gets in the way sometimes. Fortunately for me, I decided I need to start living life.

Today is going to be a busy day. I have mounds of laundry to do then I have to read a huge document and answer questions before I go to training tomorrow. Ugggg.....This stuff is the most boring stuff I have read in I don't know how long. Takes me back to the law school days. Wait, this is a class on contracts. Didn't I do this already? At least I hope I walk away with a better understanding of my job. I also have to take H and H back to their dad. Fun stuff.

Kelly O and I are focused on getting rid of the flab. Actually, she's been focused for a while now. I've been saying I was focused but I have yet to prove it. Well, that changes today, hence the re-focusing. I have got to work out and change my diet. I lost 14 lbs, gained a couple back, now I am up to 7 lbs total gained. FAIL. Especially when my goal is 15-120 and I am sitting at 147 this morning. I have never been the best at math, but isn't that 27-32 lbs that I need to lose. Damn. At least when that scale was at 140, I only had 20-25. So do you see the problem with how "focused" I was. I definitely see a problem. I am moving away from the goal, so things need to changed....without a doubt.

My goals:
Less calories in
Work out 6 days a week

It's that simple. I would love to start running again. I say this every year. I buy new running shoes and I fail to run. However, I think
these just might do the trick. I need an 8.5. I will be more than happy to supply any mystery donors with my shipping address. Kidding. But yeah, I do love those shoes. I've tried numerous brands of running shoes and thus far, NB is my favorite. But I think I need to try another pair to make sure;-)

Anyway, coffee for breakfast. Later this morning I might have an eggwhite and spinach omelet. I've found the later I eat, the less hungry I am. And the less I eat, the less hungry I am.

I should get up and workout soon. I just need to get it over. Not sure what I am going to do, but I will let ya know soon.

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