Monday, July 9, 2012

Is it Monday already?  Oh boy oh boy.  I am not sure why Monday is pretty much a guarantee for a bad day, but I am feeling it already.  Guess I won’t be able to skip the gym today because I am going to need those endorphins flowing to cure this mood. (Not that I was going to skip anyway)
This weekend I moved my remaining things from a house I previously lived to the house I currently live.  It’s a long story but a bedroom set, dining set, and a ton of clothes later, its moved.  It looks like a tornado has come through my house.  I have so much stuff.  We got the bedrooms set up and the dining area.  The rest will take a while to unpack and sort through.  I imagine a lot of things being set out on the curb.  A lot was already set out and it was gone before I knew it.  Anyway, the point of all of this is, wow, that move has left my body all stiff.  I am not sore like after a workout.  Its just hard to move around.  I did a lot of lifting and walking.  Who knew a 33 year old body would protest like this?
Not sure what I will be doing at the gym today.  I will most definitely be there though.  I can be tired sitting at my desk or I can be tired at the gym. I choose the latter.  I hope you all have a kick ass Monday.

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