Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Madness

Hello readers. Happy Monday!

I would love to unleash my fury over my boss. I would love to tell you how I would love to win the lottery and tell him to leave me the hell alone. I would love to tell you that I was having a good day until around 4:00. The list goes on. But I will spare you the details. No, I won't. We're having a Squadron Christmas party on the 13th. My boss wanted me to send the higher ranking people on base an invitation. No problems. EXCEPT...we had a date but no one could give me a set time. I finally got the go ahead with the times but I was waiting to talk to someone from protocol about the proper procedures for sending out invitations. Then I gave my boss 2 choices and I had to get that together. Then I needed an answer on the absolute day we could turn in the $$ so I could set an RSVP date. Then just last week they FINALLY set a price for the event. Needless to say I JUST got the invitations finished today. Now, I knew the times of the party because I get a base wide listing and I passed this info on but no one would go by what I said. Needless to say, EVERYONE else knows about our party and has them on their calender. THEY KNOW. The invitation was merely a formality. They were already well aware of the date, time, and attire. So I approach my boss to ask him an invitation question and tell him that so and so was coming to our social and his counterpart was coming to dinner. He said "Great, you got the invitations out." I said no. Then he tells me how disappointed in me he is and I should've had them done. Okay, when other people are holding up the process and the plans are changing left and right, it's hard to do what HE asks. He was an exec, which means he worked for the Big Guys, so he knows the proper things to do and not to do. If this were an event that everyone and his dog wasn't aware of, then YES, invitations should've gone out a month ago. But for crying out loud, they all know anyway. Seriously, I would LOVE to quit my job. I look for another job EVERYDAY. He's making me nuts. Oh, and I am still on probation for another 4 months. Everyday he reminds me that I am on probation. He's honestly stressing me and making me feel like he's going to fire me. In my head, the "threat" of being on probation kind of makes me feel like he's going to fire me anyway. He has NO reason to, but why would you constantly tell someone they're on probation??? That's fine. If he does try to fire me, I have a strong claim with the union. Can you say hostile work environment? Anyway, I am sorry for the rant. My job isn't very enjoyable. A lot of times I work through lunch, I am there about 15 minutes early every morning, I NEVER take the two 15 minutes breaks I should be taking. I don't get paid OT, I don't get comp time. And I put up with this man's pettiness. I am tired of it. I need a new job. **But I am thankful that I do get a paycheck every 2 week...well, who knows for how long since I am on probation!

That's not the end of my bad day. I have a headache. GREAT. I took some motrin. We'll see how that works.

Wait. It's still not the end! My throat STILL hurts. It's been 2 weeks now. I had a sore throat, then my sinuses started draining, then it went to my lungs, then to my head, then to my throat. If I didn't have to swallow I would feel fine. I just want to get better!

But the good news is the scale is going down. About a month or so ago, I got on the scale at night, after I ate, with clothes on and I was 137 lbs. Uggggg. Tonight, same situation, after dinner, with clothes and I weighed....drum roll please......










That's an 11 pound difference! Woo-hoo!

I got the scale down to 125.2. I didn't weigh this morning but I should've. I can't wait to break 125. Can I PLEASE see 124 in the morning?????

There is something positive about today. No matter how crappy my day is, I can always find something good. In fact, lets see if I can find 10 good things about today:

1-I didn't have to get up at 6:00. I was awake, but didn't get out of bed until 6:35.
2-I found my Cars socks this morning.
3-I found a Power Wheels Mini online for Mackenzie.
4-An old co-worker called me.
5-An old friend sent me a message on myspace.
6-I picked up my daughters picture with Santa at Wal-Mart.
7-My sister e-mailed me.
8-My best friend from Louisiana called me. (Missed her call)
9-Mackenzie did well in the 2 yr old room.
10-I am here blogging


Raisingthebar said...

HOLY COW GIRL!!! WAY to go!! thats a HUGE accomplishment to lose almost 12 pounds!! Congrats, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello!! Means so much to me!! Have a great evening, and a FABULOUS tuesday:)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with a boss like that. It really makes a person miserable. I hate my job too, but mostly because I'm bored and have done the EXACT SAME THING for the last 16 years. Also, I'm tired of working overnights. I want to live a 'normal' life! :)
I hope that one day soon, you will have a better job, better environment and better pay too! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

LOOK AT YOU!!! 126! Okay, you may have to let us in on your secret!! Kick it girlie! I'm SOOO freakin' happy for you!!!! Whoo-hooo!!!!! Okay, let me calm down......I love your list at the end too. I'm so gonna have to end my days (or nights for me) thinking about the GOOD stuff that happened for me, instead of dwelling on all that went wrong. Love that idea!

HUGS girl, I missed ya!

Oh and I am SO with you on the sick thing. Scratchy throat, runny nose, headachey, yeah, that be me too! Uggh!

Laura McIntyre said...

Sorry your job sucks, bet that
makes the days long. Congrats
though on the weight loss.