Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I just got back from Dallas. Well, not exactly Dallas, but I was in the area. We had to take Mackenzie to a doc in Plano and we ended up visiting Clint's family. We went to his Aunt Ginger's house where I met 3 cousins and their kids and visited with 2 of his uncles. It was a nice visit. We ended up staying the night at a hotel in Addison. We couldn't find it, we down the street a few blocks, I saw a similar hotel but I knew it wasn't the right one. I was puzzled when I saw that particular hotel because there were only 2 listed for Addison. This morning I was looking up our hotel on the internet to see what attractions were nearby and I realized the other hotel was in Dallas. Huh? A hotel 5 blocks from the hotel we were staying in Addison was in Dallas? That was weird. It's not REALLY strange at all. I am sure that you all that live in big cities know that going from one of the suburbs to the next is exactly like that. I've just been in small town Oklahoma so long that it was weird. I mean, when you go from one town to another here you know it. It's like town---five miles of fields--other town. It's nuts. We were going to go to Louisiana to visit my family but Clint said he didn't want to, so I stopped packing. Once we got down to Dallas he decided he wanted to, but we didn't have anything to wear, etc. So, we're home. We may have a trip planned in the near future though.

Things are going well here. Scale is hovering at 123! That excites me. I am sooooooooo close!!

That's all I have. Sorry it's not fitness related. Just don't have that much to say right this minute!


Kelly Olexa said...

Hope you are feeling better hon!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good trip. Always thinking about you. Have a terrific New Year!

Hayley said...

Just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year! :)