Monday, January 19, 2009

Question of the day

What are your thoughts on working out while sick?

Let's discuss.

I suppose I should've defined sick.  If you're recovering from a major surgery, sure, rest up.  If you have pneumonia, sure, rest up.  But what if you're just coming down with something?  I have been sneezing accompanied by sinus drainage.  This is the beginning of the crud.  It will eventually make it's way to my throat, then my chest, then I will lose my voice.  Then it will go back to my nose where I blow, blow, blow all day long.  I have started the Zicam.  I think the tablets is the best Zicam product but it's awful.  I've tried the nose spray and mouth spray and neither worked for me.  I'm not saying they don't work, just didn't work at that time.  But when I took the tablets, they worked, so I am more partial to them.  Again, they taste like crap.  I am trying to push fluids, taking some vitamins and stuff, and sort of rest.  I am in the very first stage of this with the sneezing.  I would like to stop it here.  So that leads to my question.  Should I work out or rest up.  When I was with Tony, he was all about working out unless I was dying!  Based on his standard, I am far from death.  Yet I have read articles where top trainers say REST REST REST--your immune system is already down and working out will only make things worse. (The physical demands are stressing the body, causing the immune system to be weaker).  What are your thoughts on this?  In a week from now, I will feel like death and working out won't be an option.  But I feel okay now, just a little wore out.  I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.  Do you work out when sick?  Do you wait until you feel like death is right outside your door or do you sit it out at the first sniffle?  Or are you related to Billy Bad-Ass and you work out even when death has it's hands on you?  I am not looking for an excuse to NOT workout.  chances are, I will get on the gazelle for some cardio unless someone Responds and tells me NO NO NO stay off.  I was just curious to see what your thoughts were on the matter.

Have a fantastic week.  Hubby is in the shop so I can actually blog. Yippee.  Too bad I need to clean and cook.  Dinner is white beans and turkey sausage with brown rice.  I have home made veggie soup in the crock pot.  First time cooking it in the crock pot.  What else is on the menu for this week?  Turkey meatloaf.  Fettuccine with broccoli and mushrooms.  It looks like that's all I have so far.  Just bought enough food until pay day (Thursday).  I do have some tilapia but I am so burnt out on that.  And the last time we ate it, Clint got a little bone in his throat so he's not too fond of that.  We'll see.  I also have an extra pack of ground turkey.  I'll probably make some whole wheat turkey spaghetti. YUM.  I'm not scared of carbs.


April said...

I haven't been to sick for a long time but I always work out. I do workout at home though so i'm only spreading germs to myself. I think if I did go to a gym I would still do it, but if I got sick because of the people who are sick at the gym i'd be pissed..did that make sense LOL!

Kelly Olexa said...

The sick thing- kinda sucks because I feel like if you are REALLY feeling bad, feeling a bad cold coming on, you gotta rest....FOR me, I usually have a tendency to get worse quickly if I push myself but then again, look at me in December- the cold hung on lingering for 3 weeks. I didn't workout, didn't get better. Personally I still err on the side of getting rest. JMTC


Anonymous said...

In my opinion I think it all depends upon how YOU feel. I've can't seem to shake this Bronchitis at all. It's not FULL BLOWN, but I still have a slight guttural cough and the sniffles. I'm still working out. If I feel totally run down, I don't care what anybody says I'm resting. I know they say if it's above the neck you can workout, if it's below the neck then don't.

Your menu sounds FABULOUS! I'm coming to YOUR house for dinner! :)