Saturday, June 27, 2009

19/20 Weeks

Hi all. I'm 19 or 20 weeks preggo today. I think the doc changed my due date so I'm 19 weeks and 1 day. I'm having ANOTHER girl. Oh joy. When you already have 3 and a step daughter, adding a 5th girl to the mix isn't so much fun.

I'm sitting here watching the grill. Clint threw whole baking potatoes on it. I think they need to be nuked, then placed on the grill but he is man, and man know grilling, so woman need to listen. Whatever. They'll either burn or we will end up throwing them in the microwave in the end. He's currently gone to get gas in a gas can for my car. We went into town today (I live in the country) and he was driving but failed the notice the gas light come on. This thing comes on when you have like 30 miles till empty. It won't even tell me how far from empty it is because its that low. It couldve waited until the morning, but he decided to go now. He really wants a cigar although he quit the other day. Yeah right. Ill talk about that in a min. Meanwhile, I'm watching the food on the grill. Fun.

So he's moved to our new place. I move next Friday. He's decided he wants to eat only organic and natural foods. If you've read Stacey's blog, she points out that just because its organic it doesn't mean its healthy. An organic cookie is still a cookie. However, Clint is eating natural chicken, beef, veggies, etc. Granted its hot as hell here and he sweats a lot and loses fluids, he went from 217 to 205 in a week. That entire week he ate yummy good for you meat and veggies. All he drank was water and gatorade at work because they make him.(The are peculiar about work/rest cycles in the heat and buy gatorade and make you drink it) however, he's been drinking like 3 beers a night. And smoking cigars. He wants to eat well because of the information I was telling him about Jillian Michaels book. Yet he poisons his body with that garbage??? Why am I spending all of the extra money on organic goodness when he's just nullifying the effects? Sure, we've saved a ton of money by him not eating out. I'm just in awe that he wants the beer and cigars. I'm telling you--if its not organic, he's not eating it.

I'm looking forward to moving. We are on an acre here. There's pecan trees on the property. There's a swing on the porch. Clints seen deer every day this week. I was on the swing this morning and all I was missing was a cup of coffee! We are no longer by a highway so Mackenzie can roam around. And the best part--the town next to us--San Angelo--is awesome. Target, HEB (a kick booty grocery store), a mall, Academy Sporting Goods, Best Buy, Sams, Lowes--all in town. Previously, the nearest mall was 70 miles from my house. The nearest Target,Best Buy, and Academy was 98. Altus did have a Starbucks but it closed so the closest was 70 miles. I couldn't get organic stuff in Altus. Ezekiel Bread? Nope. Amy's Burritos? No way. Natural Beef? Ha. Kombucha Tea? When hell froze over. You COULD get forzen natural chicken breast. There were 2 of Amy's soups. They FINALLY got greek yogurt. I had 3 choices to shop--2 small United Supermarkets and a Super Wal-Mart. I had to travel 70 miles to a health food store. There weren't any Farmer's Markets or roadside stands. Wal-Mart sold like 4 organic veggies. It was pathetic. I told Kelly O about this and I think she thinks I was kidding. I WANTED to eat better--but couldn't. Yes, I can eat non-organic foods--but things like Ezekiel Bread and Kombucha were non existant. For Pete's sake, I couldn't even buy quinoia. (I think I spelled that wrong). Yeah, I wanted to make several recipes from Tosca Reno's Clean Eating Cookbook but couldn't because I couldn't find the products. What the hell is rocket because they don't sell it there. If its not spinich, green leaf, red leaf, romaine, iceburg, or butter lettuce, you're not gonna buy it. Anyway, that's all changed. I can buy everything I need at HEB. There's a whole section for stuff you would find at a Health Food store. Ok, you all might find it at your grocery store!! But within this section, there's flax seed oil, Kefir, Braggs ACV, Protein Powder, Glutamine, Vitamins, Supplements, etc. I'm so thrilled!

Ok, the grill master is back and he's aggravating me--making me grab this and that. So I'm out. Have a nice weekend.


Kelly Olexa said...

Welcome to civilization baby!! WOOT!

Laura McIntyre said...

How did the potato turn out?

Move sounds great, space for kids to roam is always perfect. Yah on getting halfway through the pregnancy

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move! How nice to finally have convenience at your feet. Wow, 19 weeks already? I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to you, but wow. Hope the potatoes were good!