Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am trying to have the strength to get up and workout. I really want to sleep...Pregnancy is kicking my booty. I really need to pack, but I really need to workout too. My arms are getting fat!!!

I have a topic I want to briefly talk about--excuses.

How many of you are still trying to lose weight but you aren't really working for it? To lose weight/shape your body, there's 2 parts to the equation. Diet+exercise=good body! No diet+no exercise=bad body. How many people say they want to lose weight/tone, but you won't do the work? If you're constantly missing your workouts and making excuses for missing them, then I don't believe you REALLY want it. If you're not sticking to your diet, then you don't really want it. <<<>>>

I need to workout and eat right. Who cares if I am preggo? That doesn't give me the license to do what I want. I guess I *can* but then once I have the baby, the struggle to get the weight off is going to be amplified. I don't want that. Unless I get up and workout, then no one is to blame for the flabby arms but myself!

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Anonymous said...

Just catching up! You've got ALOT going on girlie! I'm thinking of you and wishing the best on all fronts!

Totally agree with you on this post too. If you really want it, REALLY want it, then there are NO excuses and you do what needs to be done.