Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grow up

Have you ever knows someone that is newly pregnant and you know they're going to be a drama queen about it? You just know that they're going to lay in bed all day complaining about morning sickness when they're perfectly fine and will run to the doctor for every ache and pain. I know someone like this. She's 18 and was trying to get knocked up and got her wish. Now she's complaining that "sugar is spilling into her urine", she's had 2 infections, and if she keeps going the way she's going, the heat's gonna land her in the hospital. She's about 8 weeks pregnant and she's freaking out about all of the above and a baby kicking her in the stomach. Granted, none of those things are good, but it's not life threatening. A--if you do have gestational diabetes, this is treatable. The main thing is changing your diet. B--Infections are common. What kind of infection she had is a mystery to me. I suspect yeast infections which, guess what, is common during pregnancy and is treatable! C--the only time she's exposed to the heat is when she gets in her car to go somewhere. She acts like she's the only woman in the world that's ever been preggo during the summer and she's super fragile and might melt. D--Do you know how much padding and cushion there is for a baby in your belly. I think Mackenzie kicks me on a daily basis. I think there's a HUGE difference between getting kicked at 8 weeks and getting kicked at 38 weeks. At 8 weeks, you have A LOT of padding there. I can understand being concerned, but this chick sneezes and thinks she needs to see the doc because something is wrong. Hypochondriacs should not procreate.

When we heard she was trying to get preggo, the first things I said was that she was going to be very dramatic. And she is. I hate to see what the remaining 32 weeks will bring for her. Oh wait, I won't have to see it. I will be gone! YAY. That's a good thing because I hate drama.

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