Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The flu part 2?!?!?!?

Greetings stalkers cupcakes. Thought I abandoned ya didn't you? You're not that lucky! I've been busy this week with the flu or allergies, sinus issues, or something kicking my booty. I've been hanging with my soul twin enjoying Japanese food, coffee, conversation and everything in between. I've had one kiddo in the ER for breathing issues. I did the happy dance over my 6 year old getting accepted into the gifted and talented program. In spite of me and the kiddo being sick, it was a great week!

Tomorrow marks the return of my hot dates with the gym! I spent my time this week with my soul:) so I didn't need to go to the gym. Our time was better spent elsewhere. But my soul is mid air so that means in spite of having the plague some random sickness again, I need to find my love, the gym. (I also have to get allergy shots I would like to emphasize I am not hitting the gym to lose more weight. I seriously wish I could upload my pics. (SD card fried btw) I promise promise promise to post pics soon. I guess I have to tell the story without pics and ruin the surprise. Fail.

Yesterday I went into a health food store wearing a winter coat.  I was looking for a supplement and the sales associate pointed me in the direction of a few products. She pointed out one as being a best seller because it contained xxxxx. I asked what xxxxx was for and she replied with "it's to help lose those last 10 pounds, especially the fat in the mid section."  I laughed, literally, out loud. She gave a funky look so I explained that I was XXX pounds and the pants I had on were size sorry saving it for the pics and she laughed out loud as well! She responded with "No dear you don't need this one!"  It's nice to be thin again:) I wasn't really fat, but I was fat for me, or shall I say, I thought I looked fat. Time for story #2.

Several months ago I asked an associate where the hell those last 10 pounds were going to come from. I don't think we had an answer. I sent said associate an email with a pic I managed to download from my cell provider. I weighed XXX pounds. This pic was taken from the time frame of our prior cited conversation. Then I texted associate a current gym pic and my phone rang. I was told I was hot but too skinny. Yeah yeah I've heard that before (skinny part;) So we compared pics and this person agreed I wasn't too thin that I had just lost fat.  My friend then took a guess at my current weight. It was a perfect guess with first pic. When I informed my friend of my real weight and how second guess was wrong, I was lectured about needing to weigh the number that was guessed. We then discussed muscle versus fat, etc and I explained that it was presumed I was already at this weight so it's really just a number on a scale.  I saw said associate today, showed off the guns, proved my muscles didn't disappear, proved I'm really not of super model height, and all was well:) There's no point except someone saw a before and after shot and could really see the difference. Associate is gym rat so I was happy to have opinion.  For the first time, I could see a change too. Huh? More on that later!

My soul has landed so I need to connect with it to recharge like a cell phone. It's odd to miss something before its ever gone:( I also need my beauty sleep if my sick boo-tay is going on that hot date tomorrow. There's no rest for the weary.  Or not this girl anyway. I'm not a tween or a teen or a 20 something year old child that thinks he or she knows everything about anything and rules the world when Im in fact clueless about life. Hell no....I'm a 33 year old grown ass woman that has lived a life and has enough sense to know I DEFINE ME and plague sickness or not, nothing will keep me down, especially not me:)

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