Monday, September 1, 2008

1 step closer

Before I start, I have to retract a statement from my last post. Kelly O has NO faults. In reality, she's a genetically engineered whoop ass machine. I wasn't supposed to tell you all this, so I thought I would throw you off and tell you she's imperfect. Sorry dears. That's a lie. She IS perfect....she's like something from a Marvel comic. Lets call her Kelly Bad-Ass---and she's here to whip others into shape. Of course, she does this motivationally. That's her secret weapon! But yes, she is a bad ass machine....that' perfect!!!

Okay, 1 step closer...

Every time you workout, you are 1 step closer to reaching your goals.

Every time you drink another glass/bottle of water, you're one step closer to reaching your goals.

Every time you put something healthy, and on plan, in your mouth, that's pushing you one step closer to your goals.

Every time you get up an hour early, that's 1 hour closer you are to reaching your goals.

It's little things that bring us one step closer to reaching our goals.

I could be a Debbie Downer and mention all the little things we do that cause us to take a few steps back, prolonging our progress. But I won't go that route. Not THIS time.

Today's Labor Day. I work for the government so I have the day off. I slept in. I've eaten clean AND on point. Here's my eats for today.

B-Cereal w skim milk and egg whites
S-Fruit and turkey
L-Steak and Sm Salad
S-Protein Shake

Dinner will be green beans and shrimp. After I workout later, myoplex lite will be my last snack!

Anyway, I spent the day not doing much. I read some Harry Potter (6th book) then I moved on to some schoolwork. That information will be revealed later, but I took my first test and I got a 100. Too bad there's like 14 more tests to go! That just means I am one step closer to reaching another goal! And I am excited.

So go out and do something good. Even if it's not fun, do something that takes you one step closer to your next goal!

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Kelly O said...

Hey Chick. I love that way of looking at things!! like every time I don't buy something bad at the airport, that's another step toward my goal....yea yea. I'm very pleased with my little victories today. Every day I am thinking more and more like a figure competitor, not like an average Jane.