Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I need my mo-jo

I am beat. Absolutely beat. Let me try to relive the last few days of my life. The last two are the most significant.

Friday: My neighbors come over. My husband stays out in the shop working on a friends truck and I sleep on the couch. I got out at 3:30am he he comes in.

Saturday: I slept until 10:00. I did get up to tend to Mackenzie but she took a morning nap. Clint went out with the boys to a gun shop. The female neighbor came over with her sick kids. Well one was sick. Went to see the new Batman movie. Dunno what time I got to bed.

Sunday: Not sure when I got up. Had a lazy day. Had a cookout. Neighbors brought sick kid over again. Clint hung out in the shop all night long again. I think he came in around 6am.

Monday: Off work. Up around 9:00. Started on the 6th Harry Potter. My baby had a runny nose no thanks to the neighbors. That night she wakes up screaming "Mommy" and we put her in bed with us. I get up to go to the bathroom and she freaks out. Once I'm back, she sleeps great right next to me. Prior to that though, I kept dreaming about Harry Potter. I really didn't get great sleep.

Tuesday: I am tired. I can't wait to go to bed tonight. James and Von came over. The neighbors came over and I told them they couldn't come in. I didn't want all the commotion. James and Von are quiet. I take a Melatonin tablet to help me sleep. The last two times I took them I was tired the next day but slept GREAT. Not tonight. slept like crap. Mackenzie threw a fit again. Put her in bed with me, but this time she tossed and turned and kicked me. And she would get next to me and I could feel that she was sweaty.

Wednesday: I was EXHAUSTED today. I hate my job. Hate the bull shit of my job. And I was tired. I came home, tried to take a nap, and slept for like an hr. That may be a lot for some, but I needed like 3 hrs of sleep. I am so tired I can't sleep.


Oh, I did 5 reps at 275 lbs on the leg press yesterday. That's 2 reps and 10 lbs higher than last week!

I'm off to take a bath...or something...


Mandy Jo said...

I am exhaused reading that. Hope you are able to get some rest.

Kelly O said...

Girl. I hear ya on the exhausted. I think the stress of this week has just annhilated me.......I'm SO TOTALLY DRAINED AND TIRED RIGHT NOW, IT WILL TAKE ALL OF ME TO WORKOUT TONIGHT. It's times like this where I fight that fight inside of me; is it better to rest or to workout? I don't know what is wiser? The not working out thing is NOT about not WANTING TO it's about having the ability to stay awake, and will working out make me get sick, catch a cold, etc. Ugh.