Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I didn't work out today

History for you. I don't know that this has anything to do with anything but here it is. I had this bump on the bottom of my foot. I've been told it's a corn or a plantar wart. I've had it cut off and frozen but it comes back. I went to a podiatrist in 2002 and he did an Xray and said that one of my bones was poking down and that I needed to wear a foot insert to push those bones up. Okay.

About 10 yrs ago, opposite foot, my ex husband sat a chair down on my foot and his 220 lbs was grinding the chair in my foot. I went to the dr. after that weekend and was told I had a contusion. Life goes on.

About 8 weeks ago my husband and I were wrestling in the yard and he somehow hurt my foot. Not sure if he was pushing me and I had foot planted or if he stepped on my foot or what. It felt JUST like the contusion I had way back when. I assumed that's what it was. I could walk, foot wasn't bruised or swollen. It just hurts--a dull pain--in between my third and 4th toes, just below the last knuckle. Doesn't matter if I am standing on it or sitting--still hurts. Of course it's worse if I move the foot, but the point is that it aches even if I am sitting still. Last week I wore my flat converse because I thought my heals were aggravating it. This weekend I was sitting at the computer with me feet propped up on a big plastic container. My foot was flexed. Yeah, STILL hurts. (This is the right foot, the one I started off telling you about)

I am going to the dr. tomorrow. I don't know whats wrong with it, but I know that it shouldn't hurt like this 8 weeks later. To be honest I am scared to death that I somehow fractured it and she's going to put me in a cast to stabilize. That's gonna SUCK. I asked my husband if he thought I could still do leg presses with a cast! Anyway, I decided to skip the workout today because I just didn't want to do cardio for an hour putting pressure on it. It's hurting worse and worse and I don't want to aggravate any worse. The worst thing she can do is tell me to stay off of it. So I thought it would be best if I didn't make it worse!

Do you have any insight as to what it may be?



Laurie said...

I had to look up where Akron was, but I know the area. I live in Morrison, which is a suburb on the western most side of Denver. If you find yourself out this way I would love to meet you!

Why in the hell did your ex grind a chair into your foot? To push the bone back in - or am I missing something there?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what it might be, but I'm so sorry that you are in pain. I hope you are able to get an answer as to what's going on soon. Sending healing thoughts your way.

Tina said...

Girl...get posting, what did you here from the Dr...are you back to working out? Thinking about you...and your new attitude...can't let you start slippin yet you were just gettin started...the world is waiting :)