Sunday, September 14, 2008

Countdown: 74 days

I am on a mission. A VERY important mission. That mission is to complete my current goals. Welcome to MISSION COMPLETE!

Very catchy Kelly!

I started with Tony geeze, in April. That first month I lost 8 lbs. Then life happened, then excuses happened, then slacking happened. Over the past month or so I got my fire back. That scale is finally moving down. But that's not good enough. Where I am today is where I was when I finished my first month. NOT acceptable. For those that have seen my pics, they can attest that my body has changed some. But that's not good enough. I am not where I need to be. I am far from it.

So these next 10 weeks are going to be a challenge. Here's what I will accomplish.

  • I WILL workout 6 days a week.
  • I WILL NOT miss a workout
  • I WILL get my water down
  • I WILL eat exactly on plan
  • If I travel, I WILL pack my food
  • I WILL get in the extra cardio
  • I will lift heavier than ever before
  • 300 lbs on the seated leg press. HAHAHAHAHA. I am aiming for 400 lbs in 10 weeks.***side note. I realize that at some point, I am not going to be able to life anything heavier than XX weight. It's not like each week I am going to get stronger and stronger and one day I will be moving 1000 lbs. There has to be a limit. 400 may be outta my league, but I am going to try!!!!***
  • I WILL be at 115 lbs

I have no doubt that I will reach my goals. Hell, I have the best workout partner out there--Kelly O. Okay, maybe we don't go workout together. But she's there in spirit. I am in this with her. She is in it with me. We will NOT fail.

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