Monday, October 20, 2008

Okay, Okay

I am alive and well...have no fear!

Lets see, what's been going on? Well, as you know, I had a massive headache, then I was suffering from a stomach ailment. I finally recovered from that. My in-laws came in to town over the weekend and brought my step daughter. Didn't do anything exciting. We went to town, that was about it. I did start reading a new book. I am reading "Wicked" and it's a good book. After "Wicked" I am going to read "Twilight." After "Twilight" I am going to read "Son of a Witch" then hopefully I will continue the "Twilight" series. Oh, I need to read the 3rd book in the "Wicked" series as well.

Well, let me talk about reading a minute. I never really read much. The first book I read on my own was "Interview with a Vampire." After that, I would have to say it was "The DaVanic Code." No, wait, it was "He's Just Not That Into You." I mean, I read books in school because I had to. Those were the first I read on my own. Anyway, I bought "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown (DaVinci Code) but didn't read much of it. I started "The DaVinci Code" numerous times before I ever caught on to it. I thought that might happen with A & D but it didn't. After that I read "The Devil Wears Prada."MUCH better than the movie. I fell in love with all of the Harry Potter books. I still have 2 left. So, I ventured out to read the current books. I have a book case full of books, just haven't got around to reading them. I rented these from the library instead of buying. GO ME!!!

Ok, back to workout and diet! I made all of my food last night. Packed and ready to go. Woo-Hoo. Then I go to work and notice that my workout clothes aren't there. Crap. I KNOW I got them out of the Expedition and I KNOW I brought them into work. I guess I took them home with me. I use to leave EVERYTHING in my Expedition but I leave NOTHING in the Jetta. NOTHING. So when I would've normally just went to the vehicle to retrieve it, I knew that wouldn't work. I was going to go buy some workout clothes, but I went to buy my baby some winter clothes when this man told me the high was going to be in the 50's this week. That wasn't true. Nevertheless she needed new clothes. Then once I got back I had to deal with some Mackenzie issues and ended up leaving work basically for the rest of the afternoon.

I've been bad and I haven't worked out this evening. A friend came by with his kids and I made them dinner, even though I already had dinner made. I don't think chili would have been good to them. I hung out with them for a bit, then I went next door for a bath (don't ask). Now I am waiting for Mackenzie to finish eating so I can go bathe her. Sigh. I haven't even read tonight.

Ok, I am going to steal something from Kelly O. She lists things she likes and dislikes and I have decided to share.
=Tops with hoods. Can't stand them. Hoodies are okay--like the sweatshirt ones--but that's it
=Eyes that are itchy. I have cleaned my contact and used allergy drops, but they still itch
=Not having how water. Don't ask.

Things I heart:
=My new Jetta. TDI. Vroom Vroom and 40+ MPG! Even with Diesel being higher than gas, I bet I still pay less than you for fuel.
=My wireless internet. I love the fact that I am sitting on my couch typing this.
=Frozen fruit. OMG the cherries are so good!

Alright, that's all I have. I am sleepy but Mackenzie is taking her time eating. Savoring it....


Tiffany said...

Yea you THINK you're gonna read Twilight and then not read the other 3? You're crazy! You're gonna be hooked on it like it's crack. Kinda like i am right now. LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad you're doing well. Missed you, girlie! Oooh, your Jetta sounds nice. Picture!!

Kelly O said...

Frozen cherries, I must try that. MMMM


The Blonde Hurricane said...

Ahhh, I love to read...I enjoyed The Davinci Code but I LOVED Angels & Demons...maybe you should give it another shot! :) I just bought and read Twilight recently and then I read the second book in the series. I'm excited about the Twilight movie coming out...can't wait to see what they've done with it!

I love to escape into a book!

Good to stop by and get caught up!