Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Sherry facts

Before I start with my random Sherry facts, I need to anyone up at 5am? If so, I could desperately use a phone call.

Okay, here's some random Sherry facts.

  • I can not stand for my hair to touch me. Usually, my hair will end up in a pony tail before the days is over. Then I will let it down again because it makes my head hurt. Then up again because it's touching me.
  • When I was younger, I had fine, thin hair--straight as a board. Around 15, I discovered curls underneath. Then as I got older I was told I had a lot of hair. A few years ago it started to go wavy up top. I think it had something to do with pregnancy because I swear they're disappearing each time I get it cut. The thing is, I have like 3 heads of hair. By no means is it thick. I just have a lot. I have to have it thinned each time I go in.
  • I just got a new flat iron and let me tell you, it rocks. Because it would take about an hour's worth of straightening and a lot of hairspray to keep it straight. Seriously, I could do one side and it would be straight as a board, move to the other side, then the one side would curl???
  • I eat out of plastic bowls--like tupper wear containers. Not sure why. I think because they don't retain heat like glass bowls.
  • I prefer to eat out of bowls over plates. I will throw all of my food in a bowl--well, plastic container.
  • I only drink coffee from plastic coffee mugs
  • I either like my food boiling hot or straight from the fridge cold. There's no in-between. Clint doesn't understand how I can eat my food that hot. Especially soup.
  • I like soup.
  • I love the gazelle my mom got me from a garage sale for 15 bucks! This thing is bad ass. I was on it for an hr and it really didn't feel like it, but my legs will be sore tomorrow. I plan on getting up at 5am to use EVERYDAY. Well, not on weekends. I mean, I won't get up that early.
  • I like pale lipstick--if I wear any. Like a light, frosty pink or a nude, neutral color. My FAVORITE was Spite by Mac. I think they stopped making it. Or the last time I checked they did. Actually, I don't wear lipstick. I wear lip gloss. I have branched out and bought two new colors. They actually have color. One's a red but I HAVE to blot it because I hate the color.
  • I like frogs. Not real ones.
  • I hate hoods on anything other than hoodies or jackets. Yet, I just bought two sweaters with hoods because they looked good on me.
  • I don't like being tickled.
  • I hate doing dishes.
  • The kids Christmas gifts was solved. Or mostly. We got them Guitar Hero World Tour. Now then can sing and play the drums and guitar. It's going to be too cold for a trampoline.
  • When I workout and I want to vomit, I know I am doing a damn good job.
  • I am super excited about Rockford. I am driving all the way from Oklahoma. I can get a hotel for 2 nights, rental car, and round trip tickets (2) for like $600. Not too bad. Then again, I can drive up there and get a hotel for 2 nights for about $360. My husband wants to go even though he has no interest in this stuff. Guess he doesn't want to feel left out. That's ok, we will have fun.
  • I love Kelly O's arms, and Cynthia's abs. I need some legs to love. If you have great legs, let me know, post a pic on your blog, e-mail me a pic. let me want your legs.

Alright, I better go. If I am getting up at 5am, I better go to bed. I took a muscle relaxer because my legs have been feeling funny lately when I go to bed. It's not restless leg either. Not sure what it is. I'm just waiting for it to kick in.


Kelly O said...

What time zone are you In? I will look it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beautiful!

Hope you're getting some rest. Love the random facts about you!

I hear ya on the money spending. I bought my girls sneakers yesterday and spent about $140. Ridiculous. But, they really don't ask for much and I want them happy.

Since they've gotten older, they'd rather have money or gift cards for Christmas so they can then get what they want. Let me tell you, it's SOOO much easier. I detest Christmas shopping, wrapping and all the hoopla that goes along with it.

I SOOOOO wish I could join you and Kelly in Rockford. I just can't make it happen. We WILL meet up sometime in the future though, count on it!

Kelly O's vlogs are terrific, aren't they? I LOVE them! Makes me want to vlog again. I'm certainly not as cute as she is though! :)