Monday, October 27, 2008

I am not meant to VLOG. @*$&

This is like my 2nd try. I am not having much luck with this. This is the THIRD time it has gone up. Lets see if it works!


Kelly O said...

Girl I am LMAO. I hate hoods too!! What camcorder are you using? It looks goood!


Tiffany said...

LMFAO You are so goofy. LOL I miss you! And no you never made retarded eyes at me. I LOVED the video except next time stop bopping around in you chair. I felt like i was gonna get motion sickness. HAHA Anyway I HATE videos too but I loved yours. Maybe one day I'll do one and see how retarded I look. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! You are ADORABLE! Ooooh! Saw some nice biceps too when you threw up that hood! Nice.

I'm so honored you mentioned me! :) I might throw up another vlog, but not sure what to talk about. Bet, I cold come up with something I guess. Kelly's vlogs are killin' me! I love em! Yeah, the spray butter BF had me on the floor.


Tina said...

I don't get to watch the videos either...unless on a blue moon I sit down at the computer at home!!

I love your are so cute, and yes animated...I love animated...and you remind me of Christina Applegate...I hope that is a good thing...I think it's a good thing :) Can't wait to meet you and Kelly and Stacey...April and Angela...I can't wait to see again...14 days!!