Sunday, August 22, 2010

Days 6-10: Life Is What You Make Of It

Sorry for the 4 day lapse. I was off work Friday and was busy doing chores around the house. When I make it big after winning the lotto, the first thing I'm buying is a maid!

So I've been doing some thinking. Life happens. There's always work, bills, kids, stress, housework, errands, travel, etc. Very few people have worry free lives. How we handle the situations life throws at us is what can make or break us. I can give you every excuse in the world as to why I haven't reached my goals. I went TDY for 5 days, packed my workout clothes but didn't workout. I looked for a gym with a workout facility. I chose to catch up on sleep instead. A friend of mine is deployed in Afghanistan. A lot of times I sit around worrying about him wondering if he's okay. A coworker is about to get sent there and I feel sad because of that. My kids have created mess after mess and I feel like I'm constantly cooking and cleaning up after them. I started a new job and it has stressful moments. I could use all of this as one big excuse--I'm tired, I'm stressed, I don't have time. But in reality, it comes down to one thing: ME. I make my own choices. Previously I chose to sleep instead of workout. I chose to sit on my couch and be sad about my friend being so far away. I chose to sit around after chasing 4 kids. But guess what? Its time for a change.

You see, lifes always going to happen. I'm always going to have kids. I'm always going to have to cook dinner and clean up, since I work for the Air Force I am always going to be surrounded by people that come and go. But this can't stop me from reaching my goals. Only I can make it happen. I choose if I hit the gym or go out to eat a lunch. I choose if I sit on my couch and mope or if I get up and get on that treadmill. Todays a new day my friends. I choose not to let life get in the way, but instead I'm using it to fuel my fire. I am determined to reach my goals. Big things are about to happen my friends. Just sit back, relax, and watch this unfold!

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