Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Funday

Happy Monday everyone.  Is that an oxymoron?  I swear it is some days.  There have been times in the past where I dream about skipping work on Mondays, and then I realize that Tuesdays would just turn into Mondays.  Why prolong the inevitable?
I have to report that my weekend was a FAIL.  I started sneezing on Thursday and that turned into some sinus funk.  I felt bad Friday and even worse on Saturday.  I didn’t feel as bad on Sunday but I still didn’t feel right.  Even today I don’t feel 100%.  I worked out in spite of feeling bad on Thursday and Friday.  I didn’t work out this weekend because I wasn’t scheduled to workout.  I purchased all of the food I needed to cook on Friday but haven’t got around to cooking it.  I suck, I knowJ
I did have pics taken on Sunday so I can track my progress.   I asked my ex husband to do it.  It literally was going to take 30 secs.  He complained the entire time and informed me this was the stupidest thing he has ever done (throw in a couple of F bombs and you will have the full synopsis.)  Wow, not only was that uncalled for but it was very hurtful.  I do not understand how people can be so malicious.  I understand that working out and getting in shape isn’t his thing but does he really have to criticize me for doing it?  I don’t knock his hobbies and adventures even if I don’t agree with them.  I try to be supportive of whatever he’s doing even if it isn’t my thing.  Its one thing to NOT support someone, but it’s a whole new beast when you purposely put them down.  I will NEVER understand it.  I have to tell you though, it really takes a spring out of your step when you’re on fire, you’re doing your thing, and then someone puts you down.  I am not saying that I wanted to give up, but I surely didn’t have the motivation to do anything else.  My feelings were hurt to say the least.  He could’ve at least kept his nasty comments to himself. 
So what do you do if you don’t have the support you need?  Do you keep going? Does it get you down?  I would love to hear some inspiring stories about how you kept going even though those around you purposely tried to keep you down.

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