Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I define me

I make my own decisions
I decide what I want to do
I decide if I sink or swim
I decide if I fail or succeed
I decide if I eat the donut or refrain
I decide if I drink my water
I decide if I take an hour long nap or if I workout
I decide if I reach my goals

Everything that happens in my life is because of MY decisions. I lost 8 lbs the first month with Dreambodies. That was because I gave it my all and kicked ass. The next few months weren't as impressive. But that was my own fault because I didn't do crap. That was me. It was no one's fault.

Something else. STOP MAKING EXCUSES and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY. I HATE HATE HATE to hear people "whine" about this or that then blame it on this or that. You know what people, I failed those 2-3 months because I didn't try. It wasn't because I was PMS'ing, or ovulating, or stuck at a scrapbook convention with bad food choices, or because family was in town, or it was so and so's birthday. F*CK THAT. It was because I made the choices I made. You know what if I am ovulating...doesn't mean I have to eat the house. So what if it is my baby's birthday. I *CAN* refrain from the cake. Gasp. Did I say that? Is that even a possibility? I don't give two shits if so and so DID bake it just for that occasion. Good for them. Everyone else can enjoy it. And if they DID bake it just for me, shame on me. I should express to everyone that I am following an eating regimen that cake doesn't fall in to. If they insist on making it, hopefully they won't be too offended when I throw it in the trash. That's what you get for not listening to me. And who gives a rat's ass if my family was in town or if I was visiting family. My family shouldn't be offended if I eat my own thing. And if I am at their house, A--I am certain there are grocery stores I can get my own food from and B--if I am not comfortable enough to make my own food, I don't need to be staying there.

The point of this is that I control me and you control you. what you make out of life is based on what YOU do. I hear so many women say they want to do this or this but they never do. I hear women complaining that they haven't reached their goal weight, but in the next breath they say they had a hefty meal over the weekend. Gee honey, I think THAT is why you aren't meeting your goals. I hear women come up with this or that excuse as to why they don't eat right or have time to workout. If you wanted it bad enough, NOTHING would stop you. Is it so wrong to say "NO, I don't want a cake." "No, I can't eat that." "No thank you, I will make my own food." "Sorry, I can't scrapbook tonight, I have to workout." NO NO NO it isn't hard. If you want it, YOU CAN HAVE IT. BUT YOU CAN ONLY GET WHAT YOU PUT IN TO IT.

Tony has me on a liquid diet. I begged him for it. I am not losing weight; I am gaining. You can tell I am getting trimmer. Kelly and Tony saw the pics. Both said they can see a difference. But I need that scale to go down. I totally blew it today. TOTALLY. It's definitely a mind over matter thing and my mind wasn't working. I know Tony is all about getting your head in the right place. Kelly O. can attest to this: For years now I have said that once I get my head in the right spot, everything falls in to place. But I have to mentally condition myself for that to happen. Anyway, my mind failed today. Now I have a tummy ache. NO, I didn't eat a horse. When I say I failed, don't think I ate a pizza or a cheesecake. I didn't. Every time I say I fail, I just mean I didn't follow the plan. To me, that is failing. Whether I cheated and ate a pizza or cheated and ate a potato, it's still not on plan. I ate healthy foods, but the point is that it wasn't on plan. And for that I suck.

So I was reading blogs and something went off in my head: holy crap, I am stopping me from reaching my goals. It's ME that is doing this. WTF. And chances are that if you aren't reaching your goals, it's because of YOU.

On a side note..I have a "friend" that is overweight and bitches about it, yet she wants to do nothing to change it. She says working out makes her feel bad. What ever. You're just lazy and are creating excuses to NOT workout.

Enough said. Get off your butt and do it. As Tina says, reach for the stars. As Kelly O says, aim high. As I say, get off your ass and get do it!


Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!! EXACTLY girlfriend! I needed to hear this too. It's SO freakin' easy to blame this or that for the reason that I didn't stick to the plan, but when it comes down to it, it's all on ME!!! ME, ME, ME!!! Yes! I need to take responsibility for ME and to hell with what others think! Whoo-hoo!

Kelly O said...

I am so with you!! I am so sick of excuses, my own at that! Let's put a time table on our next goal - we'll mark it in weeks, goals to be accountable to each other each week......let's kick ass and take no excuses from ourselves!!
Cynthia Abs here we come.

Tina said...

Hey I want to see the fair :) Yep did that liquid are going to love the results and everyone said I would just gain the weight back...nope didn't happen :)

I love your saying best...I see a new theme for your blog :)