Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey Hey Hey I Just Found My Way

Let me ask you a question. It's Friday afternoon. You're set to get off work at 4:30. At 2:00, your computer network goes down which means that you can't do jack at work. Your husband can get the kid from daycare, so that means you are free. What do you do with your free time?

I would LOVE to go home and nap. It's nice and quiet with no one disturbing me for hours. I would LOVE it.

But guess what.



I read a lot of blogs. And I can name quite a few people who would get off their butt and get to the gym and would do what they needed to do to get sh*t done. But there are some people that, although their "fitness" oriented, they would've went home, or went shopping, or would've done SOMETHING ELSE. I see a lot of people out there are really serious about their goals. You can look at their pics (assuming they have pics) and see that they were all about business. They did what they had to do, no matter what. Then there are some people I think are sheer impostors--they say they have goals, but by reading their stories or seeing pics, you wouldn't know they had a goal in the world. You hear a lot of talk about how they want this or that, but you see no end result.

I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN IMPOSTOR. I AM GOING TO DO WHATEVER it takes to get to my goals. If I have to eat nothing but broccoli, chicken, turkey, and green beans from here on out, SO BE IT. If I have to do a 3 day liquid diet until the end of time, I WILL. If I have to do lunges everytime it's a leg day, by gosh I WILL DO IT. IF I have to do 10 cardio sessions a week, I will suck it up and DO IT. YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

The thing is, you have to REALLY want this. YOU have to REALLY want to reach your goals. Saying I want to weigh 115 lbs and GETTING THERE are two different things. The impostor says they want to get there, while the winner GETS there. There's a big difference. I can sit here all day long and tell you (and myself) that I want to compete next year or I want to weigh 115 lbs or I want to be in Oxygen Magazine, as I am stuffing a cheeto in my mouth. Clearly if I am stuffing cheetos in my mouth, then I am NEVER going to reach my goals. If I am whining about getting up early to work out, I am NOT going to reach my goals. If I am doing half ass workouts I am NOT going to reach my goals. (NO, my goals aren't to compete next year or be in Oxygen Magazine). And I think that people that want something but only puts forth half the effort is the only thing sabotaging their goals. And for that, I think they are sad.

So, I challenge you to look at what you're doing, what you're eating. Are you doing what you need to be doing to reach your goals? Or are you cutting corners and whining about doing what it takes to get to where you need to be?

Moving on....

As I was using the leg press, I put 190 lbs on. I did 15 reps. Okay, too easy. I glance over and this GUY on the inverted leg press---with TWENTY lbs on each side. That's 40 lbs. Are you KIDDING me? He did a few and rests. As I finish up doing 4 reps of 265 lbs, he is getting off. So he did two sets of who knows what at 40 lbs and it took forever!!!! Then he moves on to do calf raises and put on THIRTY lbs. ARE YOU SERIOUS??????????????????????? I should've known this guy was a joke when he came in with his shirt tucked in to his basketball shorts. What a loser.

Enjoy my video!


Kelly O said...

Girl, what a great post!! You are so right. Talk is cheap. Who is walking the walk? Who is constantly upping the ante? YOU ARE!! WE ARE!! WE will conquer and excel!!!

Tina said...

Look at you! You rock girl! You R becoming a DIVA and all that it stands excited for are going places, you have no idea yet, but I've seen it before, and I see it in you!! Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!