Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hey kids, this is going to be short. A--I am dog tired B--I need to take a bath C--I need to get up a little early so I can go to PT with my squadron D--I would like to read a little more Harry Potter and E--My arms feel like they're going to fall off.

A--I am super tired. No nap for me. I came home, unpacked groceries, fed baby, went to give neighbor pie and gift for her b-day, bathed baby, did chest workout, and that was that. Oh, and I cooked my chicken and fish because I can eat real food tomorrow!!!!

B--I need to take a bath. Enough said. I *could* take one in the morning I guess....Nah.

C--Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, my squadron has PT. For those non-military people, a squadron, is well, um....it's the people I work with. It's like you might work for Wal-Mart, but not just any Wal-Mart, you work for Wal-Mart in XX town. But taking it a step further, you work in the garden center. That's like the squadron level. The flight level would be like the people that water the plants, or the people that stock the shelves for that section. Anyway, they do PT--physical training. They do a few push ups and sit ups then they run. My boss has been hounding me about going with them, and I figured this was a great way to get in the extra cardio I need each week. I mean, I *am* getting paid for this. Of course, I *can* take 3 hrs a week to go to they gym. But this way, I am forced to get the cardio in, whereas if I took those 3 hrs, I would do my weights, and blow off my lunch workout. So, I need to drop Clint and the baby off then get over there by 7. So I need to leave early. I will be running the curves, walking the straightaway.

D--I heart Harry Potter. I got through the first 4 books in no time. I bought them just before the last one came out because I wanted to see what the hype was about. Well, impatient me got on the net and read all about the rest of the books. So I haven't felt the need to read the rest as quickly. But I have made some good time now that I have started again. I want to finish the 5th so I can watch the damn movie!! And I was excited the 6th movie was set for release on November 20 (which meant I had to read the 6th book before then) but thanks to the kid that play Harry Potter starring in a play with a 12 minute nude scene, the halted the premiere until next year. Anyway, I want to finish the book!

E--I had arms yesterday. OW. They hurt. It hurts to type. Tomorrow going to be worse. And I am going to be sore from my bad ass chest workout tonight. Which BTW, I had to do at home,with the bowflex. For my incline bench press, I put on a 30 lb, 10 lb, and 10 lb band to do 12. Not a problem. That's 50 right? For my set of 6, I put on the 50 lbs band and a 10. That's 60 right? I couldn't move it. I took off the 10 and put on a 5, for 55 lbs. Still couldn't move it. So I took the 5 off and just had the 50 lbs bands on. The bitch WOULD NOT MOVE. WTF? I just did 50 lbs. I suck at math but isn't 30+10+10=50???? So I took it off, put the 30+10+10+5=55 and moved it with ease. Holy hell, I hate that thing.

Alright, good night, sweet dreams, go kick some ass!

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