Sunday, August 3, 2008

Laissez les bons temps rouler

I am on a roll today! I slept until 12:30 (long night!). I got up, made my coffee, hung up about 6 loads of laundry and have two more to go. I had one kick booty salad for lunch---grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber, and red bell pepper with this new 0 fat low cal salad dressing and flax seed oil! Yum! Now I am having some coffee. I made my gallon of water and am working on that. I feel GREAT!!!! I really need to focus and get on track. My arms and legs are still sore from my bad ass workout this past week and I LOVE it. I was able to do FOUR 245 lbs reps on the leg press. This REALLY surprised me because I really haven't worked out in the past two months. I mean, the month before those two months, I was working out 6 days a week like I was supposed to. Then I slacked off. But I am back in the game now!!! I can tell that I lost some strength in my arms. I could only spit out three 20lb bicep curls. I am not happy about that because 3 months ago I could do four 30lb curls. Oh well, I am back in the game.

Part of me is disappointed because it's the end of the summer and I should've reached my goals 2 months ago. I am still 12 lbs away. I can fit in my old clothes, which is something I REALLY wanted to do. That was my goal all along. But I also wanted to be 115 lbs. I thought that in order for me to fit in my clothes, I had to be 115 lbs, because in the past that's what I weighed when I wore the clothes. I guess my focus has changed. I want to look good in those clothes--not just fit in them!!!!! As I told Tony, I don't want people to think I am pretty or beautiful...I want people to think I am HOT. And I want to be hot clothed and naked. I look fine in my clothes now. It's the naked part that gets me. So we have some work to do.

My husband says I look at more naked women than he does. I try to read everyone's blogs every few days and I LOVE to look at progress pics. Tina, I am in awe of your booty. There's no butt cleavage's just leg and butt. I can only compare it to a horses hind quarter. And that's not an DON'T take it that way--I know it might be weird hearing someone say your booty looks like a horses.... But if you've ever looked at a horse, it's just leg then bottom. I think that is AWESOME. I want a booty like Tina's. I have a flat butt, but I told Tony I want to work on that.

Speaking of Tina, SHE is the reason where I am today. Kelly O. turned me on to blogs. She gave me all these great links to read. Somehow I came across Tina and other Dreambodies Divas. While they're all amazing and inspiring in their own way, I was drawn to Tina and her story. I could more closely relate to her and I thought her transformation was awesome. So I took a leap and decided to try it too. All I can say is thank you so VERY much Tina. You've inspired me more than you know!!!!

And Kelly O. If it weren't for you being my rock all these years, I might be fat!! No seriously, Kelly is the only constant in my life, when it comes to working out. None of my friends are on this workout kick. None of them. Not the guys, not the girls. So talking to Kelly all these years and hearing her motivation keeps me going. I can write to her everyday and tell her I hate the scale, ask why I'm not losing weight, tell her about my workout, etc., and she's there to listen and converse back--not criticize me or question why I am doing this. I heart Kelly O! On a side note, why don't you set up your blog so that you don't accept comments from anon people that way they're forced to reveal themselves (or at least a made up name)? My comments have to be approved as well, that way douche bags can't leave awful things. Some people are losers and have nothing better to do than to put down on others. Eff'in Biaches!

Tiffany--I think you rock. I am so proud of your weight loss. You've come a long way. Keep up the good work!!

Evelyne--WHERE ARE YOU??????????? She's another motivational fixture in my life. This woman is amazing. Her transformation is remarkable as well. I can't wait to see her on the stage!!!

Lastly, Kelly O had a pic posted on her page. This is Cynthia. This image has been burned in my brain. Since viewing this photo, I have used this as a mental tool to keep me going. When I don't want to do another left lift, or bicep burl, or another roman chair raise, I think of this image. I WANT that. AND I focus on that pic and I end up spitting out several more reps, even when I don't want to!!!! This chick is badass!

Alright, that's all I have for today! (At least for now). I am feeling drowsy. VERY drowsy. I was on a roll. If I nap, it will be all over. GRRRRRR....maybe I should read??? That won't help. Crap!


Kelly O said...

Girl you are ROCKING. I think I posted this already but the pics of you from the other day, you are getting more and more SMOKIN!! And how you do it with the kids and the man that never cleans ha ha!! Snaps to Sherry.

Cynthia's pictures totally rocked my world too and made me all the more amped to be able to put MY OWN AB PICS UP. Time to tackle!!! Time for rockin! I'm pretty proud of where I've been and what I've been doing, now let's just do MORE!! hell YEA!!

Tiffany said...

Keep up the work. You can do it! And just think of who is working out every day now and it's not doing a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

I am in AWE of the weight you can lift! You are SO beyond me! YOU are MY inspiration!

That damn scale is CRAP! The reason WHY you way more, but are fitting into your clothes is because you have more muscle now. Yeah, I have that SAME problem and Tony yells at me to STOP IT.

Oh and YEAH, I wanna look hot naked too. SO, not there yet. I look great in clothes, naked, I'm still workin' on it. :)

Tina is DEFINITELY amazing. Her progress AND her attitude is awe insiring. LOVE her too.

I'm SO glad you have Kelly O as your friend. We all need someone like that in our lives. She is beautiful and STRONG.

Girl, you bring tears to my eyes. Thank you. It still amazes me that I could be an inspiration to anyone. I'm all better now. I told Tony I just 'tripped'. I just had to get up and start walking again. Hey, it happens to THE BEST OF US, right?

Yeah, Cynthia is AMAZING. She worked her body and got the results that hard work gives you. No matter what came at her, she worked through it and never gave up. I'm gonna keep that pic in mind too from now on. I want abs like that!

HUGS girlie we CAN and WILL do this! HOTTT is just around the corner!

Tina said...

Girl I am so proud of you!! Just look at how smokin hot you look in those pictures in your previous post!! Hey and I get the I look at naked woman more than my husband too, hey we have to know what we want cause we are so getting our dream bodies!! I think you've jumped over a big hurdle...I can feel it in your know what you want, you know you can get it, now you just have to go out there and get's all on you...if you want it bad enough you'll do anything, and everything to make it happen...want it, cause you so deserve it...and before long you'll be posting progress pictures that we will all be awe of...hey I'm already in awe of those pictures below...

And all of the bloggers you mentioned...oh yes, I am inspired by them everyday, I don't read a blog if I don't believe and feel inspired by it....and I so believe in you, and you are inspiring me too!! I love you too girl!! Go out and get your self a dream booty...mines is still a work in progress...just wait and see!!