Sunday, August 24, 2008

I heart you all

I don't have much time to write. I spent all morning updating my blog. Clint's annoyed. Go figure.

I read some sad posts on a message board this morning. If you gals are reading, oh well. I do find them sad. These girls are truly lacking motivation. Post after post I hear excuse after excuse--I had to go to this event, it's so and so's birthday, we're having a big bbq, etc. And it's followed by, well, I know I have XXXXX to go to so I know I won't lose weight. Or it's like "I gained 2 lbs, but the fact taht we had XX's birthday didn't help, I'll get on track after next week's birthday bash: or something lame like that.'

I just want to tell them that it's okay to say no. You DON'T have to eat what others are eating, you DON'T have to go, you DON'T have to eat at all. You Diva's know that Tony says that if people don't support you, get the negative out of your life. If your family/friends can't understand why you are eating chicken and broccoli, or why you aren't eating that birthday cake, or heck, if you can't control temptation, why you aren't at that event, then piss on them. They SHOULD understand. In fact, I'll bet that they DO understand. I bet they wouldn't care at all. I think it is the person that doesn't WANT to eat something different, doesn't WANT to refrain from eating, doesn't WANT to miss the event.

Let's talk about smoking. I use to smoke. I recently started again. (Don't worry, I stopped.) How did I stop the first time? I stayed away from smokers. The urge wasn't there. Why did I start again? Because I was surrounded by them. How did I stop once more? I am avoiding smokers. I am not buying cigarettes.

Let's apply that to eating right. If you want to lose weight/eat right/not cave in, stay away from bad eaters. Don't go to your relatives house. Don't go to restaurants. Or better yet, don't bring that food into your home.

I don't care if it is your child's birthday. What does that have to do with you? Let me guess, it's not a birthday without cake and ice cream. So be it. Let your child have it. Let your guests have it. But you DON'T have to. If you're having a big party, why not have healthy things like veggie and fruit trays. And wait, here's another concept: If you DO have things like pizza, DON'T eat it. It won't kill you to have tuna and asparagus.

The point is, the truth is, that these girls aren't REALLY trying. If they were, they would be seeing results. But every week it's the same ol same ol--I had this event, we ate out, I am PMSing so it has to be water weight. GIVE IT UP. Take responsibility. Stop screwing around. If you want to cheat every week, if you want to make excuses, so be it. But for crying out loud, stop whining and pretending that you want to lose weight. You tell yourself what you need to in order to make yourself feel better. But action speak louder than words. If you are pigging out in some restaurant, clearly you don't REALLY want to lose weight.

On a similar note, it's not like it's a once in a while restaurant adventure or a special occasion once in a while--it ALWAYS happens. ALWAYS. It's excuse after excuse after excuse.

So why don't I leave this group??? I hope I can inspire at least one person. I would love for one person to wake up and say hey, you know, I control me--it's time to STOP making the excuses, STOP caving in, and it's time to LOSE weight.

It is funny that it's a weight loss group but hardly anyone is losing weight. Kind of ironic. Does anyone else think "Hey, there's a problem here..." Clearly they don't see it because it's excuse, after excuse, after excuse....

And, last thing, if you MUST go to this event or have this party, then why not eat less that day, or get in some extra workouts, or be good all week long, or hey, research the menu and order something light, or eat 1/4 of the dish, or pick out the healthiest things to eat, or hey, skip dessert, or just have a small taste to curb the cravings. You don't have to eat like a cow....

These ladies CAN succeed. They have so much potential. I just wish they would actually get some motivation and would lose the excuses. STOP SETTLING. DO IT. YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT YOU HAVE TO SET YOUR MIND TO IT THOUGH AND BELEIVE IN YOURSELF. YOU HAVE TO HAVE MORE THAN ME BELIEVING IN YOU.

I love Kelly O. She's so funny. This girls is my soul twin. We're going to be kicking ass and taking names. Watch out. I texted her this morning asking if she took her vitamins/supplements and she said that she JUST set them out. If we're not meant to be, then who is!! I forwarded her all the messages and her responses makes me laugh. I am so thankful that we are motivated, that we have goals we WILL reach. Most importantly, I am thankful to have her in my life!

And I love Tina. I sent her my progress pics and she had nothing but kind words to say. And she had some GREAT advice. I'm telling you, this gal is so inspiring. Her words are so motivating. She makes you want to succeed. She makes you feel like you WILL succeed. She's such an inspiration. Keep your eye on her, she's going places!!


Anonymous said...

Girl, YOU are inspirational!!

I have NO doubts that you and Kelly O WILL reach your goals and get those gorgeous Abs!

Tina IS amazing. Love her too!

Kelly O said...

Girl, you ROCK. You always rock, you just get so you ROCK MORE. And these women, it's like it's their destiny to just whine and complain. Me, I'd rather be able to do what I said I would do: post my smokin hot ab photo on my blog, why else did I create a blog? Um because I have fitness GOALS and GOALS ARE FOR REACHING!!