Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sing for your supper!

Okay, I promise you there will be no singing. If I did that, all of you would run in a heart beat.

Today is my day where I do my housework and cook my meals for the week.  This month's plan has me eating seven, count them, SEVEN meals a day. Uggg...I have such a hard time eating four in the beginning. However, once I am on the plan, I end up starving, waiting for my next meal.  Shannon said something on facebook about this. She said if you were about to eat your stomach from the inside out, hardly able to wait until your next meal, this was GOOD, it meant your metabolism was on fire!  So in a week or so I should be complaining about dying of starvation.  I'm not giving away my meal plan but there is LOTS of fish on it this time. Three meals to be exact. I guess I better learn to love it!

I am off to cook.  In addition to my meals, I am making meals for my family.  Ratatouille is in progress, followed by some chili.  Its hard for me to NOT taste things as I am cooking.  I dont eat it because I want some, I eat it to see how seasoned it is.  I guess I can put it in my mouth then spit it out???

Have a great day everyone!

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