Monday, December 10, 2007

Because I am too lazy to go to the car


1/2 cup rice
3/4 cups white beans with 4 small slices of sausage


5 Triscits


1 packet Kashi Oatmeal (yes, I had breakfast and lunch mixed up)

Snack: 1 1/4 cup of tomato soup with 5 triscits


1/3 turkey (93/7) manwich on whole wheat bun
1 cup of broccoli/potato/cheese soup made with 2 cups skim milk, 3 cups broccoli, 1 medium/large potato, and 1/2 cup shredded cheddar. Oh, and the soup mix pack.

I think I consumed around 300 calories for dinner. Not bad if I may say so. One of my goals is to eat several small meals a day. IF I AM HUNGRY.

Cheat: 1 swipe of frosting from cake. BAD SHERRY.

I am certain I could've made better choices today but I had to eat what was in the house. I was home sick. I didn't have a vehicle. That didn't' matter. It was too freakin cold to go outside and I wasn't driving 14 miles to town to get something healthier. I will utilize what I have in my house, then shop for "better choices" later.

Here's some meals for later this week:

Turkey burger (no bun), pasta with broccoli, and mixed veggies

Chicken and dumplins (VERY BAD SHERRY) made with boiled chicken breasts, canned biscuits, chicken broth, and cream of chicken soup

Tomato gravy with rice, mustard greens, and butter beans. Hey, I am from Louisiana and I haven't had this in a LONG time. It takes me back to my childhood. I like it!

Cabbage, Potatoes, and Turkey Sausage

Veggie Chili made with corn, kidney beans, and tomatoes topped with light sour cream. YUM.

Maybe next week you will see grilled chicken or baked fish with loads of veggies. In the mean time, I'm eating what I've got!


Laura McIntyre said...

Yummy menu, i love veggie chilli the spicier the better

Sherry said...

I try not to cook my food spicy because the kids eat it, although we do put hot sauce or jalepenos in our individual servings. Clint cooked this chili and he put beer in it so it was a little different. I might try to make it spicy next time to see how I like that. I'll just make something different for the kids.