Monday, December 10, 2007

My accomplishments for the day

I suppose this blog should be blank because I haven't accomplished anything today. I called in sick because I am feeling slightly under the weather. I could've used this day to have a bad ass workout but I opted to spend the day on the couch. I will NEVER lose weight sitting on the couch. My family should be home so I could get a small workout in before they get home. I just might do that.....

I have the following DVD's: Several Yoga Booty Ballet's, 10 Minute Kickboxing Solution, Tae Bo, The Firm.

I have a bowflex.

I have a mini-trampoline.

I have free weights.

I have weighted balls.

I have resistance bands.

I also have free access to the gym on base.

I have NO excuse to not work out.


Laura McIntyre said...

We all need a down day now and then, i giving up trying at all till after the Holidays.

Sherry said...

I never have a down day. NEVER. I needed that.