Monday, December 24, 2007

I've been naughty

I can't believe I haven't posted since the 18th. Uggggg....

Tonight we had Christmas Around The World. I wanted to do something a little different. Growing up, we had a remake of Thanksgiving at Christmas--turkey, ham, dressing, etc. When I got married in 1999, my then husbands mom made brisket on Christmas to get a break from the turkey. When I got remarried and spent the previous 2 Christmas holidays with my current husbands family, they had enchiladas because it was easy to make and they were feeding like 20 people. Fast forward to today. I didn't want turkey, so I opted for change. I did some research about different cultures holiday meals but discovered turkey and ham was kind of common. So was goose and friend carp. No thank you. So, instead of making traditional holiday food, I made "regular" food.

Ratatouille (France)
Shrimp Scampi (Italy)
Red Cabbage with apples and bacon (Germany)
Gnocchi in Vodka Sauce (I think it's Italian but I got the recipe from a Hungarian, so we'll go with Hungary)
Yakimando (Korea-courtesy of Jill)
Crab Rangoon (China-Jill)
Pico (Mexico-Jill)
Salsa (Mexico-Jill)

Everything was great except for the Gnocchi. I couldn't find it pre-made so I had to make it myself. I don't think it turned out just how it was supposed to but it was interesting to make. The vodka sauce wasn't quite right. Nick, Jill's husband picked it up for me and didn't realize it was Orange Smirnoff. So it had an orange flavor--NOT what I was looking for. But it was okay. I am from Louisiana and usually won't eat shrimp anywhere but there--it's just not right. But the scampi turned out GREAT!!!! And the Yaki and Rangoons were hand made. It was GREAT too!

I haven't kept up with my workouts. Over the past two years, I am full of excuses. This is about to change. I will post another blog about my excuses and how I hope things will change!!!

Merry Christmas to all....

And to all Goodnight!

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