Saturday, December 15, 2007


This has nothing to do with weight loss. I am really thrown when people ask me how many kids I have. As me.

How many kids do you have?

I have 3.

My husband has a daughter.

So you have 4.

Well, I guess.

I guess it's hard to remember I have 4 because #1-I've only given birth to 3. #2-She doesn't live with us. Outta site, outta mind. #3-I see her like once a month. When you couple those 3 things together, surely you can understand why I say I only have 3.

As far as my blog intro is concerned, I only have 3. This blog is my tool for weightloss--the weight gain caused by BEING PREGNANT. So for those of you that now know I technically have 4 kids but don't see the SD (Do we call her #4???--even though she falls 3rd in line) in the intro, you know why. She had nothing to do with the weight gain.


Laura McIntyre said...

Well im not in your shoes but if i was i would say three to, sure if you were raising sd things would be diffrent but she is not yours

Sherry said...

Thanks Laura. My husband immediately says he has 4 kids. I guess it's different since he didn't give birth.