Sunday, December 2, 2007

Me versus the tile need to tell you who won

Husbands, you gotta love them.
The other night we go out and buy #3 her birthday presents. My husband decides to unload the car and he leaves everything in my entry way. Here is what it looked like, except there were MORE things to the right.

Here's another angle:

I fall asleep watching TV. The only light on is the light from the TV. I get up to go to bed and I go to lock the door. Can you guess what happened? I tripped over the stuff and landed near the door. My knee is jacked up as is my hand. Do you know what my husband has to say? "You saw me put the stuff there." He moves everything to the left like so:

By the way, this entry way is 8 feet wide. The photo below is meant to help you understand that.


Tiffany said...

Well husbands are retarded! And why is it always us locking doors and doing chores before bed????

Sherry said...

He'll lock the door too. But I just double check.