Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The post that precedes this was written yesterday, but posted today. My meltdown went beyond candy...

I ate a piece of pecan pie (1/16 of the pie). Gasp.


I ate about 3/4 cup ice cream.

Today wasn't nearly as bad. Not quite.

Coffee with creamer and sugar (half the usual amount if I may add) (100)
Kashi oatmeal (150 calories)
Sometimes I don't get around to eating until 10:00, but this morning I was chowing down at 8:40. I know this because I had to stop to fit someone with a gas mask and had to annotate the time.

Chicken salad (chicken breast, 4 baby dill pickles, 1 tsp mayo, 2 tsp mustard, 2 green onions) I have no idea how many calories. Let's go with 300. I truly think this is on the high side. But I did have mayo. Alright, I'll cut it down to 250.
Lunch was at 1:00. I had to go to Commander's call then go shopping for office Christmas cards. I was still starving after that so I ate a bag of baked lays (110). I probably wasn't really hungry but I ate so damn fast, it felt like it.

Baked cheetos (120). STARVING again.

Pre-dinner snack:
Meatballs (about 5 of them)
Shame on me here. I wanted to see what they tasted like before I brought them to work tomorrow for an office party. I think I ate 5 of them. THAT WAS 280 calories!!!!!
I wish I had paid attention sooner. And to think, I was just taste tasting.

1 cup whole wheat pasta (180)
1 cup turkey italian sausage, green peppers, onions, jalapenos, spaghetti sauce. One sausage has 140 calories. I know I didn't eat a whole one. But I am going to say that whole concoction had 210 calories. Just rounding up. I think it's better to round up and say you had more, than to lie to yourself and say you had 1000 calories when it was closer to 1800.

1 Andies Mints to kill the onion funk breath. (50)

Grand total for today:
I really think I rounded a little high, but I would rather be higher than lower. 1450 isn't bad. I should probably eating that much on a daily basis instead of the 1000+ that I was eating last week. I noticed my appetite has grown tremendously. I DID workout Sunday, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. I think my stupid period is causing this. If I am still eating like a savage beast next week, I will re-evaluate things. I did NOT work out yesterday. I took a bath before I worked out (weird, I know) and for some reason I was on my knees and noticed that my hurt knee is just that-HURT. It still hurts. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Excuses, excuses. I have been using the bowflex. If I follow that plan, I will only do like 3 leg exercises and I don't feel that's enough, so I was going to couple that with the Yoga Booty Ballet. However, most of the time is spent on my knees and that's not going to happen with by bum knee. I guess I'll start on my legs in about a week or so. I am *hoping* it will be completely healed by then. The good news is that my arms are okay. I'm off to work them!

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Laura McIntyre said...

It sounds like you had the correct balance that day, hope the trend continues