Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am so addicted to reading blogs. Kelly O. would send me links to blogs to read but I never really paid attention to them. I don't like to watch videos on the net and for some reason I didn't want to read blogs. One day I read Mrs. Furious' blog and I was hooked. Because of her, I started my own. The rest is history. I really enjoy coming home from work and spending (too much) time in front of the computer reading all my favorites. I especially enjoy checking out someone's page then going to others pages from their pages. I have read so many interesting blogs these past few weeks. The problem with that is that I click on one person's then another's then another's then it's time for me to cook dinner and I never add those blogs to my page. Sometimes it takes me a while to get back to the blogs I like but don't have saved. Anyway, with all of that said, I am addicted to reading blogs.

What else am I addicted to? I was addicted to weighing myself. I would do it several times a day. I would even get up at night to go to the bathroom and hop on. Why? I don't know. One day the scale royally pissed me off and I followed the lead of Kelly O. and banished the scale. Okay, well, I didn't exactly do that. I still weight myself every few days but I don't put much faith in it. I broke that addiction and I it was rather easy.

What's next? Smoking? Ah. Smoking. I am a non-smoker. But I wasn't a few months ago. I was surrounded by people that smoked so I did too. Then one day I stopped. Cold turkey. I just stopped. Was it east? Kind of. I had to stay away from the smokers. I didn't flay out avoid them--it just kind of happened. Some friends that smoke came over (and we went to their house) and I told them I had quit. Was I tempted? Sure. Did I do it? No. Today I went outside to ask someone a question and he and female were smoking. It was gross. It smelled gross. Everytime I smell it I want to vomit. for you smokers that are reading my blog, I hope I am not offending you by saying that I don't like it. I just find it funny that it didn't bother me when I was doing it; I didn't find it gross. Now the smell gags me.

I am addicted to spending money. Seriously. I don't think a day goes by where I don't buy SOMETHING. Whether it's something from the grocery store, something from a store, or gas, I am spending money. I frown upon buying gas and groceries, but I really think that my need to spend money is an addiction. Sometimes I will go to dollar tree and spend like $8 on useless things or things I don't need. Why? Because I just feel the urge. I never really make expensive purchases. I just feel like I need to buy something.

I was addicted to ice and jalepenos this last pregnancy. I just HAD to have them. It felt the same as my need to HAVE to spend money. I ended up being anemic so that explained the ice cravings. To this day I can't explain the jalepenos. And it wasn't just cravings like "Oh, I am craving ice, I think I'll have some." It was as if I were going to kill someone if I didn't get ice or jalepenos. I can imagine that's what drug users feel like when they need a fix. I was jonsing for jalepenos!

Okay with ALL of this said, I am sad to announce that I will not be reading all blogs tonight. My husband is home so I need to spend quality time with him. He's bathing the baby while I am typing this. He was in the kitchen the whole time I made dinner too. Speaking of dinner, I made a black-eyed pea and brown rice "salad" and OMG it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO filling. I ate about 1 cup of this and I am stuffed. Basically it consists of 4c brown rice, 3c black-eyed peas, celery, 1 butternut squash, onion, pepper, garlic, and hot sauce. It called for a red bell pepper but I was too lazy to chop it. It was pretty good. It was the first time I had used butternut squash. I have a ton of this stuff left too. Honestly, Clint and I could eat on this for 3 more days. Maybe 4 or 5. Seriously.

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Laura McIntyre said...

I have way to many addictions to, have you tried a blog reading program such as Google Reader or bloglines? They make blog reading so EASY