Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Because I need to cook dinner

I WAS going to have turkey burgers with jalepenos along with broccoli and brussels sprouts, but my husband set the turkey on the cabinet and it's no where near thawed. I could very quickly thaw some talapia, but I'm not feeling it. Instead, I am going to cook Potato Leek Soup from "The Eat Clean Diet." I'm anxious to try it! I am so desperately trying to get more protein in my diet and this isn't helping! I am not much of a meat eater and I don't care for eggs, so getting more protein is quite a challenge! I have been eating tuna everyday, so that helps. But potatoes don't help.

I went to the gym today and walked/ran on the treadmill for 20 mins. When the incline hit 6, I was about to scream because my calves were burning from 'Get Ripped 1000' the other night. OUCH. I only completed half of the video but Jari Love kicked my butt. Hopefully I will finish the rest tonight!

On a different note, I am going to work out SO much more. I get 1 hour for lunch every day. Guess what. I have FREE access to a decent gym that is about 1 minute from my office (and that includes walking to the car, driving there, and walking in the gym). If I come back from the gym and eat while working, my boss has NO problem with that. I have NO excuse to NOT work out. NONE. Sure, sometimes I run errands at lunch but there's really no reason that I can't do that after work. Ahhhh....the joy of enlightenment!

I'm off to cook. I will try to post pics (and recipe if you'd like) after dinner!

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Kelly O said...

Post that recipe girl!!!