Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am going to bed after I chug this coffee

I was actually thinking I would go to bed after I write this. I would really love to show you why, but the battery is dead on my camera and I can't find Clint's. I see the case, but no camera. I guess I'll tell you. My poor baby isn't feeling well and was laying on the floor. I was going to type a quick update then was going to lay in bed with her. She has a slight fever and I gave her some tylenol. I thought some mommy time was needed so I was going to lay with her. NOPE. She sacked out on the floor. I guess taking a picture of that would be pointless because I wasn't going to bed because of a sleeping baby. Maybe I should've said this is why I am NOT going to bed.

Nevertheless, I won't be going to bed considering I just drank a HUGE cup of coffee. My sweet tooth was "aching" and instead of eating Captain Crunch Berry Colossal Crunch, I opted for some coffee.

I had a kick butt day. I went to the gym where I ran/walked for 30 minutes. On Tuesday I did 2 minute intervals; today I did 2.5. I am going to do the interval training a bit more then I am going to move on. I got this plan from I am deviating from it some. Example: I was expected to run at 3.5 MPH. That's the speed I use for walking. 4.5 MPH is actually a good pace for me to "run", as far as my being able to keep up and not get too tired too fast, but that is awfully slow. I did most of my run at 4.7 with the last 2.5 minutes at 5.0 MPH. So yeah, right now I am supposed to be running at 3.5 MPH according to Runners World. HAHAHAHA. I'm doing the intervals as suggested (although I was supposed to walk 2 run 1...). I had come up with a tentative workout schedule but that got jacked up for whatever reason. Here is what I have planned:

M,W,F-Running (30 mins), Tae Bo (30 mins), Yoga (45 mins)
T, Th-Pilates Class (45 mins), Tae Bo (45 mins), Yoga Booty Ballet (20 mins)
Sun-Tae Bo

I am not certain I want to do pilates and yoga back to back. That can be changed. And on days that I have to go get Clint's daughter on Friday night, I will have to skip the evening workout and get that in on Saturday.

So last night I skipped Tae Bo and Yoga. Not sure why. I *think* I was jacked up because I didn't get to run so that threw off my mojo. Today I got it straight in my head and ran instead of going to Pilates. Schedule still off. But tonight I did what I was supposed to do--45 minutes of Tae Bo and 20 minutes of Yoga Booty Ballet. I'm on track now!

What did I eat today?
Apple Cinnamon Whole Grain Oatmeal (150)
South Beach Turkey Wraps (240)
Cottage Cheese and Fruit (160)
Cottage Cheese and Fruit (160)
Pepper Jack Cheese (80)
Brussels Sprouts (45)
Potato with Ranch and Hot Sauce (200)
Salad (50)
Mustard Greens (50)
Turkey Meatloaf (200)
coffee (100)

Before I added those calories I was abotu to freak out. It looked like a lot. This morning when I was running I was SOOOOOOOOO hungry. I wasn't hungry before I left. So I woofed down the wraps AND the cottage cheese/fruit. Then I went out of town and came back and was starving at 4pm, so I ate more cottage cheese and fruit. Then I ate some cheese about 45 minutes later because I was hungry. Then when I got home an hour later I ate the potato and brussels sprouts. I was truly hungry when I ate. If you read "Thin Within" you shouldn't eat until you're hungry. But lately, if I wait until I am hungry, I tend to eat a lot more at once. I stop eating but I am STILL hungry. Grrrr.....

Alright, my eyeball is hurting. I suffer from occular migraines and I think this is one. Not nearly as bad as a real migraine, but not fun. At all. I am feeling drowsy, in spite of drinking a gallon of coffee. I do need to put the baby in the bed and I am sure it will wake her and gosh, I can't let her sleep alone because she doesn't feel well. Hehehehehehehe. Good night!

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Laura McIntyre said...

Poor baby, hope she is feeling all better now. I love your exerciser plans and sounds like your doing great with the eating, will be a skinny mini in no time