Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Work getting you down?

Does anyone else have issues with work (or even friends or family) jacking with your eating or workout routine? I didn't make it to the gym on Monday for whatever reason. I forgot to bring food from home so my co-worker and I went to the club to eat. I had salad and 1/2 cup soup. Tuesday rolls around and no gym. This time we were having a going away pot-luck for someone. I went to the store and bought hummus, veggies, and salad for the event. What did I eat? That PLUS some meatballs (2) and cocktail sausages (3) and some Italian casserole (about 1/4 cup) and 1/4 cup of a Mexican casserole AND a few small shrimp and cocktail sauce. Then today I was "forced" into an office pizza party. I had to get the pizza then eat it, so there was no gym time. Then we have some "training" going on tomorrow on base, so there will be no gym time. Geeze......Does stuff like this ever happen to anyone???

I guess the easy answer would be to skip the going way or bring my own food or gain more self control to only eat the veggies or to decline the pizza. But I didn't.

Let me explain the pizza situation. I handle the QNFT program at work and I schedule people to come in for gas mask fit tests. When I took over the program last June we were at 92% but it wasn't accurate because the list of names we had was severly outdated. I got listings from 50% of the squadrons and got us up to 100%. At this time, I was working for the Commander for 2 months but still found time to take care of my program and got people in. My big boss gave us $$ for a pizza party. They ordered pizza and let me know it was there and didn't even ask about what I liked. I just so happen to dislike meat and only eat veggie pizza. They asked everyone else in the office what they wanted, but didn't even bother to ask me--the one who got these people in. I was highly insulted and my feelings were deeply hurt. Fast forward to the present. I got a more accurate listing, our rate went down to the 70's, we got back to 92%, so we got another pizza party. We decided to do it today and I finally got the damn veggie pizza. I could've and should've declined pizza, but I had made it a point to make my other boss feel bad (I even did so today) so I felt obligated to eat it. I only had two small pieces so it's not like I pigged out. Nevertheless, I still feel like shit for eating it.

I was just wondering how others dealt with things getting in the way of their progress.


Kelly O said...

Don't even get me started on MY office. First off, I am surrounded by a kitchen stocked full of former temptations. I say former because I do think to some extent I have built up a resistance to 90% of it. We have a "candy table" full of M&Ms, twix, Kit kats, Peppermint Patties, Twizzlers etc. Our kitchen is stocked and this includes pop tarts, very often donuts, bagels, chips, cheese, crackers etc. Additionally, my entire office whines like a nursery of insane children when I attempt to heat up vegies like broccoli - they literally forbid me from having it in the kitchen. So as we speak I'm working on creative solutions to to bringing in my vegies. For the most part, now that my office (which is small -8-10 pp) knows about me working with a trainer and being very serious about it, they truly won't "let" me cheat....they know I've asked them to scold me if I stray. So that's good....but it is hard because every Wed we order in and the places that deliver are often Chinese or like a burger/french fries type of place. Sometimes you have to just say, thanks I'll stick to my tuna and green beans! Once you stick to your plan, the doubters will fall back and support you to some degree....

Sherry/Shay said...


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I think of my office workers trying to support me and I almost pee myself. I am surrounded by 6 males who couldn't care less if I ate a twix or not and would probably buy me one just to watch me eat it then to laugh at my downfall. Seriously. I deal with people like this. We're doing the sit up push up challenge and they're all laughing at someone when they try to do them. REALLY inspiring. But I can eat broccoli and brussels sprouts without them complaining!

Jeannette said...

When it comes down to it, you can't let what other do, say, tempt you with affect you and what you are going after. You are in this for YOU and YOU are the only one that can keep you on track. I am not trying to come across as perfect. Trust me, I am not. There are times that I am tempted, there are times that I say screw it and just cheat knowing fully what I am doing. However, I don't let it affect the rest of my life. I pick myself up and move forward. I can pretty much tell when I am getting in one of those moods now though and I take out my goals and I read them. Then I ask myself "can I accomplish these goals eating like that?"

Haley said...

I feel lucky to not have to deal with too many temptations at work. At PT job #1 the cafeteria is waaaaaaaaaay across the building so I can't smell the fries and hamburgers cooking. If the library were closer I don't think I'd be nearly as successful at restraining myself! And at PT job #2 I am usually working by myself in a room hidden away from other humans, so I don't have people offering me goodies too often.

That being said, I can find any reason to blow my diet, and it's usually while I'm in the car feeling rushed to get somewhere, be it home or work. I find that as long as I carry a big sack of healthy snacks with me wherever I go, the angel on my shoulder wins out-- as does the cheapass angel who would rather not blow my money on fast food!