Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ah, Ha, Ha, Ha Stayin Alive

That's what I WOULD be listening to if I could find the external hard drive. It was right by the computer here, now it's not. Oh wait...I called Clint and I found it. Now my WinAmp won't play says I need a license to play these songs that I paid for...Now my iTunes won't come up. What's wrong with my computer???? Oh, I give up.

My workouts this week have been great! I need to get in my cardio tonight and I will be set!

Eating has been fine. A few issues have come up but I worked it out. Everything is under control as we speak. I just wish The Vitamin Shoppe would send me my stuff. GRRRRRR.....

Now, here's random rants for your entertainment:

  • Muscle milk is gross. G-R-O-S-S. Maybe it's just me. But I think it's nasty. Kinda like taking a shot of Jager...but Jager is better
  • This one chick at the gym today would use a piece of equipment, sit there, look at herself, then go to another piece. WAIT. She would leave her water bottle at the first one. Then she did the same thing and went to another, except she left her sweat shirt there. Was she marking her territory? How freaking rude...trying to keep 3 pieces of equipment for YOUR use only. Do what you need to do and move on about this one....WAIT like everyone else if someone else is using it. Next time I will just use it.
  • I am now getting accustomed to the Elliptical. I hated it up until today. My quads were only screaming at me for the first few minutes. Now I am over it.
  • Smart water must be made with crack. It's so addicting.
  • I will be 29 in a week. 29. 2-9. TWENTY NINE. AKKKKKKKKKK. I had my 6 year old convinced, for about a minute, that I was going to be 7. Then I went through the logic with her. It went like this: Hailey, how old are you? (H) 6. (Me). If you are 6, then how could I possibly be 6? (H) You can't. You're bigger than me. (Hmmmmm...) (Me) How old is Hanna? (H) She's 8. hey're bigger than her too so you can't be 6. You're at least older than 8. You're in your 20''re 28. (Me) That's right! (H) So you're going to be 29 on the 7th...that's next Wednesday. The end.

Alright, that's all I have tonight. Nothing noteworthy. Just been busy these past few days.

Oh, I can see that I am slimming down. I met a guy today, and we were discussing working out. I showed him my arms...he could see the definition...and he's never seen me before! And I showed him my calves, which are killer was nice discussing that with him. I showed him some of my workouts (he's buff btw) and he said "Damn girl, you're gonna be buff. You're not just losing weight (I told him I wanted to lose weight) you're gonna get cut!" Well, yes I am! That's the plan anyway...

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you that left me very supportive comments. I really appreciate it. You girls rock!

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Buffedstuff said...

Hey keep going for that dream of yours I wish you well on the journey.