Monday, April 21, 2008

Diet Pills: The Easy Way Out

This past weekend Clint's uncle made a facetious remark about losing weight because of drugs. I madethe reference that I once lost weight because of drugs, but not the illegal kind. I told him I heard phentermine was comparable to Meth, but I couldn't verify. He said "Oh, is that the speckled bird egg pills?" Well, yes, actually, it was. I guess it really is comparable to meth. (He's in the medical field by the way--so his knowledge isn't because of drug use)

For a split second, I thought HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....I will call up Dr. Maury, go visit him, and get on the phentermine again. I lost weight before that way. It would be so much easier than doing what I am doing now.

But the thought QUICKLY left me mind. I don't want the easy way out. Besides, I would only be a smaller, flabby version of myself. That's not what I want. Yes, I want to be smaller. But flabby isn't one of the desired results I want. I can't get buff from a diet pill!

Sure, it would be a hell of a lot easier on my life. No more spending hours in the kitchen cooking meals for the week. No more getting up early to prepare my breakfast and pack lunch. No more having to use my brain so much to calculate just how much I need and no more weighing! No more waiting for equipment at the gym. No more having to go BACK to the gym to finish the workout. No more 45 mins extra cardio 3X a week. No more trying to workout at home while tending to a cranky baby. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....

But when I think about the body I want, I know it's all worth it! I know I don't want the easy way out!

Good night!


Laura McIntyre said...

You know i took diet pills once, almost killed myself with them (serisouly was getting terrible pains down my left arm all the time, hoplessly addicted to the caffine in them) but hey i lost around 50lbs in 2 months so it was worth it? They were not illegal then but are now which is the only reason i stopped.

My sister is on diet pills the doctor gave her but just relys on them and nothing else , still eats/does what she wants and does not care.

You are doing it the right way and its the way i want to do it (after baby of course) , slow and steady right? Not just weight loss but all for building a healthy happy you.

Stephanie Quilao said...

I think at some point many people try the diet pill route because the promise of fast easy weight loss sounds so much more appealing than old fashioned exercise and cleaner eating. Long time ago, I tried those pills that promised to shrink the belly fat. I got sucked in because I have the hardest time losing weight in the waist area. But, after buying the 3-month supply, all I lost was money. Bummer, but a good lesson learned because as you say, it is better to go for long term success vs. short term (potentially harmful) gain.

Haley said...

Good for you -- take the healthy route!